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 I have a spider bite, the mark is getting bigger, what do i do, how to know if poisonous?
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 My nose has been bleeding since 4PM and it's 8.30PM! Help!?
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 How can I get a splinter out of my foot?
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 What do I do with an ingrown eyelash?
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 How do I get a bee stinger out?
Last night i stepped on a bee and it stung my lil toe and we could see the stinger last night and now we cant and my toe hurts like crazy. Any idea of how we can find it and get it out?...

I bit my tongue and it won't heal?
I bit my tongue kind of hard 6 days ago and it still won't heal! It has a small white spot where I bit it and it really hurts. It hasn't really improved the past couple days and it's really hard for me to eat and talk. How long does it usually take for a tongue to heal? Its been almost a week now and the white spot is still there.

Franchesco Bobbison
youuu poor thing :(

Queen of Sheba
I pity you, that must really hurt to have your tongue infected, which it sounds like.

I had something like that and I got rid of it. I recommend you swallow copped up raw garlic, about three cloves three or four times a day and at the same time don't eat any sugar or milk or meat so your body can better fight the infection.
Astralogus extract or capsules may also help your body heal and fight off infections and so can golden seal and echinechia available at a health food store.

If it doesn't start getting better in 2 days go see a doctor as a walk in patient, especially if it gets even a tiny bit worse. You may need an antibiotic. However, garlic should be tried first since antibiotics kill off the good bacteria in your stomach.
If you do end up going to a doctor and getting antibiotics be sure to also eat yogurt with live cultures in it - a little every day and especially after you're done with the antibiotic. Sometimes a shot works faster than the capsules. If its super painful you might ask about the doctor about the shot but if its minor then just do the capsules but be sure to take them all the way until they are gone.

Don't stop taking the antibiotic capsules when it seems to go away because it could come back stronger and much worse if you do that. Its a bad mistake some people do and in the end the infection can become immune to that antibiotic and it won't work anymore on you.

Oh, and if you have to pay for the prescription out of your own pocket ask for the generic for the antibiotic which costs less. Tell your doctor if you are paying it yourself and need the generic. Sometimes the cheapest is plain old fashioned penicillin which cost me last time less than half as much as what he was initially going to prescribe.

And it worked fine. But mostly I just use garlic and it usually saves me the trip to the doctor. Depends on the type of infection and how strong your immune system is.

Not all antibiotics work on all infections, it has to be the right antibiotic for tht right infection.

A few times I just topically put the blue mold from an orange on my cut which wasn't in my mouth and it made the infection disappear. That's natural homegrown pennicilin - that dry bluish green mold on an orange. its not wet or goey.

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