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I've just cut off my finger nail with a knife (by accident). What should I do?
It's clean but it's going to sting. Is there something that I can paint on to stop me from injuring it further. I'm not bothered about it looking good, I just want to keep it clean.

dip your finger in petrol for ten minswill hurt little bit if your a wimp but will cure and clean it

Put a plaster on it for a while to protect it - take the plaster off at night to let it breath.

TX Mom
Go to the dr's office. You need a tetanus shot.

TX Mom

Go to the hospital

Madame Butterfly
Have you screamed yet? I would do that first then get some Germolene, dab that on and cover with a plaster. Don't forget to take it off at night though.


How did you type this question?

CRY quietly on your own .use a plaster.

If was my whole nail i'd go to the doctor,but if was just the top of the nail i'd just put band-aide and an tiboctic cream on it ,call it a day. take care.

put some cream or antiseptic on it and then a plaster. if its not ok by like a week u should go to the doctors.

hope ur fingers ok.

use soap don't use alcohol it will damage ur raw tissue Make sure your tetanus is up to date 10 day

Hamish McSporran
Keep it covered when you're doing anything, open when you're not. Clean it at least once a day with a saline solution (not contact lens saline) and let it air dry - don't use a towel - until it begins to scab over. Cream applications by a lay person are not generally advised as the moisture content can prevent clotting and scab build-up.

Keep it covered especially when you're showering as you don't want all the muck that lands in your hair to get in there - a rubber glove finger, balloon or condom over a gauze finger bandage is ideal. And don't pick the scab when it forms.

You only need a tetanus shot if you haven't had one in the last ten years. You could go to TESCO and get a finger bandage, it'll protect the end well and is designed to stay on your finger without being annoying etc.

They are like these on this site, http://www.bostockhealthcare.co.uk/ccp6/gbu0-catshow/tubular-finger.html

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