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 What do I put on a sunburn to where it doesn't hurt when my clothes touch it?
I got pretty sunburned yesterday laying out, and now my clothes are hurting it. What do you suggest I put on it to make it either stop burning, or not make it hurt??...

 what are some causes of lower intesinal pain that feels like deep embedded gas that wont come out?
It usually lasts for 12 - 48 hours....

 How to stop the bleeding?
I cut the end of my finger with a bread knife and it wont stop bleeding. It has soaked through 3 band- aids. I am home alone, what can I do?...

 Is it true that it's good for help to drink your own urine every morning?
Some people say that it's a German way of staying healthy to drink a glass of the pee every morning when you do it.Anyone who heard the same thing?Would you do it or have you?...

 how do you draw a splinter out of your foot?
I've tried twizzers and can't reach ...

 Can someone help me with my eye?
Last night my eye felt like it got something in it, so i put a cool cloth on it. And it went back to normal. But then my other eye felt like this now and it bothered me so bad and i rubbed it alot, ...

 How do I treat blisters on my heel?
I have a blister on my heel and the skin already tore off. I just placed it back and band-aided it.. Is that good?
What should I do? I need it to heal quickly since school is starting on Monday....

 is it wrong if ur 3&2 yr old to eat 12 weat bix 2 pecies of toast & stiil b hungry.or r they just growin.?
how many do u do!!!!...

 Poison Ivy??
What will stop the poison Ivy itching, with out seeing a doctor?...

 my cat scratch me....what is on my skin?
its red and like water, and it coming out of my skin after cat scratch me. please tell me what is it!? it hurts bad do i call a doctor? how do i stop it?...

 My beagle's right ear is filled with black slimey gunk, is it an ear infection? Should I take him to the vet?
It needs to be cleaned every couple days and i get a lot out of it. It doesn't seem to cause him any pain or discomfort. but it is only his right ear, his left ear is fine. the gunk is black, ...

 Do you ever NOT want to go to sleep? Why?

 why does my ear hurt after cleaning with a q-tip?

 What is the best/quickest cure for a sunburn?

 what should i do to treat people with injured legs?
how to deal with people with broken or bleeding leg? should i get some ice or just massage the leg?...

 How do you improve your eye vision, especially for reading purposes?Any good eye exercise that really works?

on saturday i went to this place and i was out in the sun for like 16 hrs. and i got a really bad sunburn and now im all red and itchy and school starts tomorrow is there anyway the sunburn can go a ...

i got a really bad sunburn a couple days ago and it hurts really bad. is there anything i can do to help it.

and also my lips got sunburned and they're swollen, is this normal?...

 what's the best thing for an ingrown toe nail?
i havent even picked at my toe nails for a very long time and it hurts very badly rather than going to the doc, what can i do to help the pain at least for now?...

 Feeling Nausea... Please Help?
Hi there... I have been feeling nausea for 3 days now. It keeps coming and going. The day it started I had a fever of 100.2 but went back down to normal range within a few hours. I did vomit once ...

I'm addicted to cracking my fingers, neck, elbows, and knees. What can I do to stop this and is this bad?

It weekens the cartlidge between your joints and can eventually lead to arthritis as you age.

Everytime you crack a bone, put a pound in a jar... Soon you will have to stop because you will run out of money.

I saw some medical show that said cracking your nuckles actually isn't bad and these people are less likely to have arthritis.

YES it IS bad! cracking bones over again can cause arthritis! think of yourself as a huched over old lady with huge painful knuckles when you feel the need to crack your bones!

Though you can't feel the effects for now, when you grow older, you'll regret it.

Have concious effort to stop cracking. Noone could help you but yourself, sweetheart.

The only way to stop doing it is to tell yourself not to do it. The long term affects can be arthritis in the joints you crack. Plus some swelling also. If the joint your cracking ever get's injured it does hurt worse.

Are you nervous? If you continue with this addiction it may lead you to another one, taking pain killers for your body aches and pains.

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