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 15 month old has large hard knot on head looks like bite of some sort I thought mosquito husb thinks spider?
took him to dr yesterday he has pink eye and junky cough, which he has had long time,gave him drops and cough syrup. took him to daycare today,thy called said he not eating and started vomiting. said ...

 is there any way to help heal cuts/grazes on hands and knees more quicker, so i hold my tennis racquet.?
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 Do crematoriums give discounts to burn victims?

 can i have any orthopedic job in u s a?

 love bite please help?
im a male 14 and gay i have just had by bf round and he gave me a love bite, my mom doesnt know im gay and im realy fuked off with it ive tried toothpaste and ice nope ive tired concaler fake tan and ...

 My leg is very sore when it was my foot i hurt?
Yesterday night i foot glass stuck in my foot and had to go to hospital to get remove, but since then my leg has been very sore and i not hurt it and confused,also while i was in hospital i got a x-...

 I got scratched by a cat today, will i still be able to give blood tonight?
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what can i do to make it stop bleeding?...

 What is the best applicant for open wounds?
I was thinking something like petroleum jelly..... im not sure though....

 what is the liquid that comes out of the ear when you cut it?
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 I need advice, is it an insect bite or a burn?
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 when bath is running and youre in it,if righthanded do you always swish water by right hand up left hand down?
well, the question, i think is self explanatory so no need to add any pointless prattle here at all, yes, just read the question, it really is that simple, gosh i do hope i get some answers, then i ...

 Does a Memory Foam Topper work as well as a Tempur mattress?
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 Ingrown toenail: itchy when banged, no longer hurts?
this was my last question: i have an ingrown toenail and I went to the doctors and was given antibiotics. These didn't work so i had to go on stronger ones. These did work. However, knowing ...

 What to expect... first aid course?
I'm doing a first aid course for British Red Cross starting Saturday, for four saturdays for 8 hours. I'm not sure what to expect? There's 3 other people training (uni students, i&#...

 Ear helix swallon for years now?
can somebody help me, one of my ear helix has swallon and its been like that for years and years, im only 17, why has it swallon?...

 reflective account of unite 230 in nvq level-2?

 need e-mail address for hospital in Orvieto,Italy?

How to treat rope burn?
I got really bad rope burn yesterday. I put both my hands under cold water for like 10 minutes and then put a bit of vaseline over the burns to stop them from getting infected. However, it has since all blistered up (as any burn usually does) and is so sore i cannot move my hands. What else can I do to ease the pain or try and speed up the healing process? Thanks.

Keith B
get someone to get spray on burn spray for you and spray it on your hands, if its bad with open sores wrap them in a loose sterile bandage for a couple days but not too many cause oxygen actually helps the healing process by killing a lot of the bacteria. Blistering however is technically a second degree burn though relatively minor and I recommend seeing a doctor they will be able to advice you better in this.

You can try cold milk if you want to keep it cheap. Theres always cooling sprays Your white blood cells are really weak

Hedge Witch
Vaseline is not good on burns as it seals them - you need to keep air getting to them. Try to get some aloe vera gel - it helps take the blistering down quickly without sealing the wound. If you need to cover it try some of the Melolin products - they are breathable wound dressings that will allow air in to the burn.

vicodin and time

Try burneze The spray cools the effected area and quickly brings relief from pain

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