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 HELP!! DID I MESS UP? Elastoplast spray on plaster? (usa band aid)?
i cut my finger with a knife when trying to open something and it oozed blood. i cleaned it but it was still gushing & i put elastoplast spray on plaster on it, it gushed for a while now i have ...

 Can I get bonemeal?
Can I get bonemeal fertilizer for my roses from the local crematorium. Before someone says anything how ill can you be?...

 How can you get a quick fix for a sore through?
I have tried honey in boiled water but it is yuk!...

 When will my sunburn go down?
hi i'm 17 years old (male). last month, i went on holiday with my family (almost the whole family). i put sun cream on, but i couldn't have put it on properly. it was the first ever time ...

 How long does it take for an abscess in the ear to heal?
I have an abscess in my ear that burst yesterday and is still weeping, how long will it take for it to heal? I am on antibiotics now too thanks a lot, hopefully it will stop soon, its rank at the ...

 Ingrown finger nail ?
Do ingrown finger nails go away on there own, or do ya have to go see a doc? My baby has one on her thumb, (for two days now) any tips would be helpful ...

 Need to clean my piercing while I'm away camping - any tips/help on how to keep it clean?
I'm going to be working at a festival this weekend and I'm wondering what would be best to take with me to clean it? I've been doing the warm salt water soaks but wont have access to ...

 Is there anywhere I can take a free First Aid Course?
I was on the tube today a lady sat next to me had some sort of fit. I didn't know what to do and freaked out, I was no use to her at all. It upset me alot. I want to learn first aid so I know ...

 Not sure what i cut my finger on?
I was drunk and a bit ago i fell into a little stream to get home and felt something in my finger when i got up, my finger is now throbbing and think i might have something in it, i'm scared i ...

 what is the different between First Aid and Basic first aid?

 i i i i i i i i i?? 10 points?
I got stung by a horse fly it went dawn my t.shirt and it herts so much!!!!!...

 Can any one help this is really ggettin to much for me to bare?
i have a low pain thresh hold i am not over exaggerating http://uk.answers.yahoo....

 does anybody here believe Dr. Robert Beck's suppressed discovery? cure for AIDS HIV & 650 others..?
go here -> http://video.google.com keyword -> robert beck 1st one that appears that says "Suppressed Medical Discovery: Dr. Robert C. Beck ( Cancer,AIDS, anything viral) " it would ...

 How do I care for the stiches in my thumb?
I ran a kitchen knife through my left thumb last friday. I went to the e.r. and received three stitches on the bottom side of my thumb and three on the top side of my thumb. This this the first set ...

 Is there any point in taking multi-vitamins? I've heard they are not very effective at doing anything...?
Also, I notice no difference in my general health/life when taking them as opposed to not... I still feel that I should take them for some reason though: is there any proof that multi-vitamins are ...

 How do I heal deep cuts please help!?
Before, I was cutting myself. I really don't anymore but 8 weeks ago, I put 2 deep scars in my leg. They're rather shallow now, but in a couple weeks I have to go swimming with no choice. I ...

 Whats the best natural remedy for a chesty cough, blocked nose and aching body?
I have honey and lemon tea, at the moment and lots of fluids, and i'm taking medication but I want something a bit more natural in my system. Any suggestions would be greatly appreaciated!...

 what is better digital ear thermometer or digital sensortouch thermometer?

 I Have a spot thing in my ear?!?
What is this?? its not in in my ear its like the bit above the ear lobe, had it for quite awhile thanks guys I can't really see it but i can feel it and it hurts sometimes like when i scratch ...

 How to get over children's late speech, eg beginning to talk after 5 years?
child is diagnosed autistic with little or no learning disabilities, have started talking after another person after 5 years of age. What kind of condition can this situation be?...

How to get a metal splinter out my finger ? its really deep !?

Misty F
put a piece of duct tape over it and go to bed. in the morning take the duct tape off and it will pull the splinter out. It has worked for me.

Tama K
ow man i hate those!i got one during craft lesson...lol is it big? or is it small? the bigger it is, the easier to get it out ,try tweezers or a needle to push it out x

Go to the hospital!! They will help you get it out. I would not do anything because you may make it go in even deeper! Good Luck...

Soak in tepid water for a little while like 10mins to half an hour and it might come to the surface and you could have another go with tweezers. Failing that a stanley knife always works for me but be carefull please!

go to the doctors of the hospital.... they'll remove it for you or just use some tweasers

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