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How do you deal at work when your sick or not feeling well?
And what determines if you go into work or not (for you personally)? Fever, vomiting??

I would not work, to be honest, but if you really need to work, try to work but if you feel very bad, get permission to go home

Well I like to myself that I'm feeling good. Trying to sike myself out. I don't go to work if I have a fever or vomiting. The fever because other people can catch what you have and the vomiting because that's something I don't want anyone to see me do.

I would take a short nap and if that doesn't work I would go and tell the boss that I'm not feeling well and If I could go home for the day. Then I would take care of myself at home. Get better and go to work feeling better for the next day.

Lean on your chair, go for deep breath of 6 count.With first breath relax your left leg,and second breathe relax ur right leg,so on 3rd breathe left arms and 4th breathe for right arm, now with ur 5th breathe relax your upper body,finally with 6th breathe relax ur head and neck.
It may take ur 3 min, after that relax for 2 more min on ur breathing.
after that you can deal with any one in any matter.
Good luck

ask the eightball
I sit at a desk all day, so working sick isn't all that hard because It doesn't take all that much energy. Whether or not I stay home depends mostly on my general overall feeling. If I really feel like crap, and I need to stay in bed, then I don't force myself to go. But if I'm just going to be up and around at home, then I might as well be at work.

it cud be your work or people there making you sick that day. then take off. also its contagious like cold, do workplace favor and take off. sometimes going to work either fixes the initial sick feeling, or makes it worse. take off if the latter.

Pvt. Andrew Malone
i sleep it off...at work

I drink lots of cool (not cold) water when I'm feeling sickly at work; I'll go through around twenty 12 oz cups if I'm not feeling good.

As for staying home, we're encouraged to take sick time at my job; the boss has discovered that people don't work well when they don't feel well. I try not to abuse it, so I'll only stay home if whatever's wrong will prevent me from doing my job. In my case: vomiting, migraines, diarrhea, or laryngitis (I'm a 911 operator. If I can't listen and talk, I can't do my job).

dont no

i don't really have a choice, i have to go to work no matter what. the only way i wouldn't is if i had to run to the bathroom every 5 secs bc then i wouldnt be able to do my job. but honestly it has to take a lot

Toney Brown
Smoke a little pot it will make you feel better trust me.

If you are running a fever and vomiting, for heaven sakes do not go to work! You are sick. You also must think of the other employees and not spread the virus or sickness. That is how we get so many people sick at one time is by people going in to work being ill and touching door handles and other things that their fellow workers also touch. I am sure you boss would much rather you stay at home if you are genuinely ill. It is the right thing to do for you as well as all of the other people that you come into contact with.

i have plenty of days to take off, but i think that i would rather be at work sick than spend a free day at home sick.

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