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 can u feel a spider bite?

 Is it ok to take some Benadryl that expired in 2008?
I'm out of Benadryl (well, that hasnt expired yet) and before I go get some more, I was wondering if two year old Benadrly is safe?...


 I need serious advice on choking?
This just happened...I was drinking juice and watching t.v. and laughed and I started choking. I couldn't breathe at all then I started to vomit. My mom said I was choking on the food that got ...

 Do you think I need stitches?
I cut my thumb with a small knife. I don't really know how deep the cut is because it hasn't stopped bleeding yet. It was bleeding pretty good. I've been applying pressure for 45 ...

 I cut my finger yesterday, is it infected?
I cut my finger yesterday, and the skin looks paleish/greenish is it infected? Here are some photos: http://i898.photobucket. ...

 Is it ok to sleep with an ice pack?
I got my wisdom teeth removed yesterday, and the surgery was completed at 1030am (-5 gmt) about. I'm supposed to keep ice on for a full 48 hours after surgery, and I've had it on all ...

 What should I do if the stitches came out too early?
So, I just had surgery today on my eye and they put sutures in it. Well, my friend said it looks like my eye's bleeding and I feel something in my eye...kind of the feeling of an eyelash. I ...

 4 days after a bee sting is it common to continue hives, eyes itching, and swelling?
the stinger remained in until ...

 there's an ant in my ear!! WHAT DO I DO TO GET IT OUT?
yes so i was cooking today and i spazzed because i felt something crawl into my ear. i think it's an ant... what do i do... to get it out... it's still in there... it tickles!!! :(...

 burn blister popped now what?
i got burned and it had a blister and it popped and now it keeps turning into a blister than popping again is this normal?...

 How did people treat chapped lips before lip balm and chap stick?
It's been on my mind for months. Anyone know? Resources/References would be nice. Update: I mean back in the Ancient days when people still rode horses everywhere and before Vaseline and other ...

 Ingrown toenail problem?
What will the doctor do to treat it?...

 i got stung by a jellyfish a week ago i didnt see the jellyfish though im scared im gonna die any treatment?
and tell me if im gnna die cause im soo ...

 My surgery scab is oozing a little. Help!?
I had a lesion (mole that was removed then grew back a little) removed since it could later turn into cancer if i had left it there. The procedure was done at the hospital on September 2nd. I had a ...

 Pain in the right side, under the ribcage?
The pain is sharp, discontinuous. The only time it hurts is when I sit, it feels like a muscle to me. What do you think it is? Besides appendicitis because I've already had my appendix removed. ...

 Will it help my sunburn if I put vinegar on it?
I would use aloe on it, but I can't stand the way it feels, it just bothers me....

 mosquito bite on my lip?
lol.. what should i do? [my mom wants to put some kind of first aid alcohol on it, but i refused since i might accidentally swallow it.]...

 Hand sanitizer as a disinfectant?
Could u use hand sanitizer to clean wounds? elaborate if ...

 Should i get double Bites/snakebites?
i've been wanting to get my lip pierced for a while now, and i figured i would do it this weekend. im not to sure what i want yet but i was thinking about Snakebites but not sure i could pull ...

How do you Heal a Punctured eye ?
Ok so i hurt my eye ... poked it with a fork .. an no it wasnt on purpose an thats all im saying about the matter lol. And i was wondering how do i ease the pain besides taking alot of pills. The only thing i can see wrong with the eye is a small red blood vessel running down from the top tored the center. Im just now being able to open the eye a little ... ps help an thank you

Michael Kelso
The human eye is very resilient, and tends to heal itself very quickly. Wear an eye patch for a few days, and it should get better. If the pain is too much, and/or it doesn't get any better, see a doctor.

Buster Harrison
Well Rain, if you have some liquid tears that might sooth the pain. If you have an eye wash station close by you could rinse them, but don't worry too much pain is only temporary but the memory will last forever.

Just go to the hospital.

Brent Brooks
get some ice on that and you will be good

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