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i got a really bad sunburn a couple days ago and it hurts really bad. is there anything i can do to help it.

and also my lips got sunburned and they're swollen, is this normal?...

 what's the best thing for an ingrown toe nail?
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 HELP!!!! How can I stop biting my nails????

 what is the best way to apply hydrogen peroxide to a wound?
I have a surgical wound that is at the end of heeling and the doctor said i can change the bandages at home now. He said i should use hydrogren peroxide and then use neosporin and gauze pads on top ...

 how do you lose 10 kg of weight in 30 days?

 What can I do when I burn my hand with hot hot soup plz fast It hurtsll?

 What's the best stress relief for you?
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 how does one keep from over eating duren the weekends with nothing to do or a place to go?

 Should I be allowed to do this..............?(please read on)?
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 What is a good home remedie for mosquitoe bites?
I´m currently in Mexico and getting eaten alive by the mosquitoes!!! UGH!!!...

 I'm removing my own appendix. What's this red squishy thing?
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 What are the dangers of smoking cigarettes to the lungs?

 Bug Bite Itches So SO Bad!!?
I got bite by something, and i think i am allergic to it, cause my arm is like swelling up, anywaaaay. it itches like no other and i was wondering if anyone knew how to make the itch go away!!!!

 Can you put the cigs. down ?
Sure you can put the cigs down .I did after 25 yrs. of smoking . Cold Turkey , never in a million years would i have thought i could do this .I said a prayer & smoked my last cig . & put my ...

 How do I get rid of ingrown toe nails? Ingrown toenails?
How do I get rid of ingrown toe nails? Ingrown toenails?...

 Name of brown liquid that you are supposed to put on cuts?
Does anyone know what i am talking about? I know for sure that it is used for first aid and that it is a brown liquid, i just cant think of the name....

 Squeezing the victim's fingers and toes is done when checking the victim for:?
a. fractures
b. spinal injury
c. muscle injury
d. head ...

 Strange bug bite?
I was bitten by something that I'm not sure what it was. Close by I saw a bee, so I thought I was stung by a bee. But the stinger turned out to not belong to a bee after research. It might'...

Teh Zekester
How do I treat blisters on my heel?
I have a blister on my heel and the skin already tore off. I just placed it back and band-aided it.. Is that good?
What should I do? I need it to heal quickly since school is starting on Monday.

I just treated one. what I did was waited until it popped and dried out a little. Then put peroxide on it, then a ointment, and cover it with a band aid.


make sure you wear shoes that fit and clean socks, soak your feet in vinger or espson salt dry feet let air dry

Gently clean it with a splash of hydrogen peroxide diluted with water, then put some Neosporin on it and cover it with a bandage strip. When you go back to school, wear shoes that are open in the back since friction will make it worse. You'll probably have to keep it bandaged for a few days until it heals completely.

you could try some Neosporin and a band-aid.....normal blisters have to heal on their own

Dea B
put neosporin on the band aid. Y did u put the skin back on?
if u can wear flip flops for a couple of days so that ur heel can heal

Jay Carolyn H
Keep it bandaged during the day, put Peroxide on it and take the bandage off at night if possible. Wear a sock to bed if need be.

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