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 Do I have fluid in my ear?
Everything in one ear sounds like it's under water and its kind of uncomfortable when I tilt my head back.

It's been like that for a few hours now.

I had a sinus-y ...

 breathed in latex paint?
hey i was painting plywood in my garage with latex based paint. I kept breathing it in as i was painting (not on purpose) just lightly smelling it. My garage door was open, i was just wondering if ...

 Please! Help with nausea?
So this morning I woke up at 6:15 to go to work. I felt fine and started work at 7am, but then I started to feel really bad. I felt really nauseated and just awful. I thought that I was going to ...

 what do you do if you get stung by jellyfish?
idk i was ...

 What are the different emergencies that require artificial respiration?

 I have clear liquid coming out of my stitches what should i do?
I am suppose to get my stitches out in 3 days and me and my brother were fighting then my stitches started to have clear liquid come out what should i do?? Help me ...

 Can sour candy burn you?
About 3 days ago I got a package of "toxic waste." I ate it all between one hour. Now my tounge has a big white patch peeling off. Also the sides of my cheeks. It hurts really bad! C...

 poked my self with a sewing needle and it bled a little bit,what should i do?
i put alcohol and an antibiotic bandaid should i go to the doctor?...

 What do doctors make stitches with?
Is it just string, or do they have some sort of special wire for it? I've had stitches before, but I was like five, so I don't remember....

 splinter? what should i do?
i got a small woden splinter (<1mm) and i cant get it out
it isn't deep but it wont come out.
the area is has turned red and has began to swell
will it just go away?...

 Pregnant with a Spider bite, help?
I just work up to a stinging sensastion on my lower stomach. I rolled my hand across to kill it, then I discovered after I killed it, it was a brown spider. I am also 10 weeks and 2 days pregnant. I ...

 I have a whiteish lumpy thumb nail and I Want to get it off?
I have no clue how it happened. I just looked down one day and it started to form like it. It started about a month ...

 Scar is always itchy, is that a bad thing?
I got a mole removed on my back sometime in october. The stitches were removed and my aunt (who's been a nurse for nearly 20 years and has removed countless stitches) said that it healed very ...

 What kind of bite is this? Woke up with weird mark! D':?
This has happened before. I don't get a lot of sleep and I pass out on my bed without properly putting blankets on, and then I I get a weird mark! I got one just like this mark when I fell ...

 Cut that won't stop bleeding?
I have no idea how I got it. It's under my chin, just to the right (I know, really weird spot.) It's been bleeding off and on for about 2 days now. It won't stop for about and hour or ...

 I have a bug bite, and i think it may be a spider bite.?
I first noticed it yesterday(nov.30), and it was a tiny red dot. Today it is swollen and red.its not that big, about a cm in diameter.i think its a spider bite because i see two puncture wounds.1 is ...

 bug bite cant tell what it is, Ive had it for 3 days and it wont get better please help?
three nights ago i got bit by something to painful that it actually woke me up. it bit my big toe so im figuring it was more of an aggressive bug, not one that was biting cuz i rolled on it or ...

 How do you treat acid burns?
I just watched Fight Club the other day and was curious about the part where the burn from the lye was treated with vinegar. When I looked up how to treat acid burns online, most of the answers said ...

 How do you unblock a clogged ear?
Does peroxide work? How much do you need?...

 I am having a little bit of nausea and some acid reflux and I am burping a lot what could it be ? Please help?

How can I reduce swelling due to infection?

Take good antibiotics if there is wound proper care of that like dressing


Any kind of infection causes inflammation, which is the body's way to respond to such infection. Inflammation means swelling, increase in temperature, redness, and pain in the infected part. Swelling automatically goes as the body controls infection.

Sometimes, one can use antibiotics (antivirals or antifungals as well) to control infection as well as anti-inflammatory drugs to control swelling and pain. Common examples are paracitamol, diclofenac, ibuprofen, etc. Hot water bag or ice is also used to reduce swelling. Magnesium sulfate dressing is also used for such purpose. The way of reducing swelling depends upon the kind of infection and the part of body involved.

farmer bill
swelling is a sign of inflammation. the inflammation is your body reaction against infection. just take your antibiotic. keep the infected area clean and dry. or you can take some anti inflammatory pills.

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