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its in my neck and its ...


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 I just got bit by a spider?
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 i have a really really painful ear infection please help?
i have a really painful ear and it has been like that for the past 3 days.
i cant sleep at night and the pain is just horrible and never stops. i have tried using ear drops and paracetamol.

 What is the easiest bone to break/and how?
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 Ear piece stuck in ear?
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Do I need ...

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 I like to burn myself...?
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 i stretched my ear, got infected, took the stretcher out, and now its closed. what is the best way to redo it?

 How long does it take for water in your ear to become an ear infection?
i need to know thank you :D...

 A bee got into my room. Should I disinfect it?
My dad killed the bee/wasp. The bee/wasp was on the window which is right above my bed! Should I disinfect my room just in case?


 When does a burn become a blister?
I burned the h*ll out of my hand on the oven...The skin is a little bit red and it hurts when I take the ice off of it...It's not blistered yet though...When will it? Or is it even going to? T...

HELP! i cant get warm!?
its currently -5 outside and hasn't been over - all day! since i got home about 2 hours ago i felt really cold! all the heaters are on and i decided that a shower would warm me up! so i got in and complained to my mum that the hot water wasn't on so she said she sorted it and it was now normal (very warm!) but to me it still felt cold, i can touch the heater and it still feels cold! im shivering right now and my hands and feet are SO cold! please help :(

Char Beauchamp
If you have been frozen through then it is important that you don't heat yourself up instantly - your heart could fail (sounds dramatic but it's actually true).
Don't try and touch heaters etc because when the feeling does come back then you will feel the burns.
You should try and stand in front of a heater with a blanket around you. Make sure especially that your extremities are warm (hands, feet and head), because most of the heat escapes through those.
Try and walk around (inside) to get the circulation back in your body and if you are really as cold as you say then don't go out for a while beacuse you have probably come down with a cold.
You will get warmer eventually, and when you go to bed make sure you have extra blankets to stop you getting worse.
Hope you're feeling less chilly soon!

same thing has happened to me .... i go o bed in a pair of socks and sit with a hat on in doors also have found it helpful to have fingerless gloves on at all times .

darren w
plenty of thin layers, hat, gloves , extra pairs of socks

Wrap up well and sip a hot drink.

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