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 Is my dog bite wound infected?
I went jogging monday morning and was bit by a dog and my leg has been in pain since then but the pain has begun to decrease.

But I have a redness on my skin around the two puncture wounds ...

 will this heal!?!?!(HELPPPP!!!!)?
ok so i was school and we were playing bowling and one of the pin flew really quickly at my leg and it hit the gap under my kneecap and now i can walk and all that put i cant straighten it with ...

 My finger keeps twitching what does that mean?

 What else can I do to help relieve the burn?
I got some corrison off a battery cable in my eye. Then I flushed it with tap water and used some eye drops....

 Question about a spider problem?
Ive been seeing alot of spiders in my home as of late. Im not sure if they are brown ruclose or not but is there a way to keep these things out of my home. If there is what would be the best way to ...

 When you get a cut and lose blood, how is the blood replaced in your body?

 my right ear bleeding inside?
i need advice here today when i feel something on my right ear so i pick a cotton tips on it but when i look at the tips i has a blood what this is happen? or what other causes of why ears bleeding?...

 How can i take my cast off?
could i take my cast off my arm and just be vary careful ?
also how whould you take a fiber glass cast off your self ?...

 Would I feel a bat bite while awake?
Hi everyone, I was involved in a bat related incident the other day that's had me a bit worried. Keep in mind that I'm more of the paranoid type when it comes to this stuff.


 I cut my ring finger at the base very very badly. I can peel the skin back and see tissue, bone. What do i do?
i didnt go to the ER, but my dad is a doctor and has a med kit with Steri Strips, topical skin adhesive, syringes, scalples, (you name it, hes got it) IM NOT GOING TO TELL HIM BOUT IT. Any advice on ...

 Can I use money from my account to donate to the people in Haiti?
On Itunes I saw that you can donate money to the people in Haiti, and I really want to help. I was just wondering, can I use money that I already have on my account to donate.
(I have money on ...

 fever and swelling after viccination injections?
my fiance got vacinations thursday so she can come to the usa. now her arm is swelling and she has a fever. is this normal or should she go to a hospital?...

 My fake lip ring bruised my lip? Bad?
Ok..i wore a fake lip ring for a day to see if I would look good with a real one..and i woke up today...i didnt wear i thru the night..but i woke up today with a bruise on my lip..if I continue to ...

 I ripped some stitches, what do i do?
I had a mole on my armpit removed about 2 1/2 weeks ago and I get the stitches out on Monday, but today a couple ripped out of place (i can see the healed skin underneath), i cleaned the area with ...

 Will my ear stretch??
If my lobes are at 18g and I went up to 14g.. will they permanently be stretched? Obviously they will stretch to fit the size.. but will they stay like that or go back to normal?...

 Whats better a snake bite piercing or a spider bite piercing?

 How do you treat velociraptor bites?
So I was walking home from school when this huge dinosaur jumped out of nowhere and took a big bite out of my arm! What the heck do I do? Put Neosporin on it?...

 What is the best remedy for blisters on your feet?
I recently bought a new pair of shoes that rubbed some seriously painful blisters on the back of my heels and on the sides of my pinky toes. Band-aids usually slip right off especially if they have ...

 Horrible Burn! Please help?
I woke up this morning with an unbelivable acid burn in my stomach. What can I eat foods that are base without taking anta acids....

 how do i heal my bad sour throut?
my throat got scratchy in the morning but i thought it was nothing and than i woke up one morning and it wouldn't go away. its hurt to cough and drink some liquids. how can i heal this? what can ...

HELP Neurofibroma is bleeding?
i have neurofibromatosis type 1. as of this i have a few neurofibromas lumps above and bellow skin

okay i have a two on my side which have grown a lot in the last few month and have then fussed together so it is now like one.

I was getting ready for bed and i scratched it by mistake with my nails and it started to bleed.
should i visit my doctor tomorrow. i am just a bit worried as its not just a normal scratch its on a neurofibroma and its now really stingy

I would call the doctor in the morning and ask him or her if they would like you to come in. There's a risk of continued bleeding and later infection. Good luck!

If the tumors joined together. I'd get an MRI scan.

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