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Sophmore ♥
Did you ever git a small needle or something stuck through yuor feet?
Did you ever git a small needle or something stuck through yuor feet?
ok i was waking in my room i stepped n somethin g at first i thought it was a needle but it was a sharp very small pointy bobby pin.....it hurtsss as heeellllll it happen like 20 mins agoooo

DID tha ever happene to you
my mom bandaged it and put some stuff on it its not
that big if a deal or serious right

oh yeah when i realized i pullled it out real quickly so its not stuck put it bleeeddd and now it hurtssss

Annie Gaga-Bby
I got a nail stuck in my foot it was REALLY deep. You could only see the tip! OUCH

if it was rusty you might need a tetanus shot

rev. Doc Holiday
Yes one time I stepped on a toothpick and it broke off inside the bottom of my foot. I had to got the er. They gave me a shot in the botom of my foot so it wouldn't hurt. That hurt. The I stepped on a needle and got a bad infection and almost lost my foot. That was six months ago and it still hurts and is puffy and red sometimes. I wore a size 10 shoe before that now I wear a 14.

Yes, i had a hook in my foot!

i broke my toe once and i got a piece of hair stuck in the skin of my foot, it was very uncomfortable and weird

Amber P
no its not a big deal


i once stepped on a pair of scissors and they went through my toe but... its no big deal but make sure it doesn't get infected.

Yeh, i stepped on a needle once. went like a quarter on the needle way thru my foot... it stung a little but it wus mostly just weird 2 pluck it out of mi foot.... yes, definately weird, i dont think it does anythin though

Well I have had a twenty year old rusty nail stuck all the way through my foot once, of course had to get a tetanus shot for that! and I had a big piece of glass stuck through my foot. But no a little needle you should be alright, just be careful!!!

Yes i did.
I steped on.
Broken glass
and the sidewalk when it was summer.

just put a band aid over it and then go to your bed and sit down watching t.v and putting a pillow over your foot

bizzle b
I'm sure you'll be fine.

If it was rusty, you should go get a tetanus shot.

no sorry

Awww :(
Me and my friend were messing about up in the bonfire and we step in pins and they went into the soul of our foot :@
Learned me not to go near there again!

AHH. No.

put some peroxide on it to get out any bacteria, not a big deal unless the needle had rust on it or something. you'll live.

Heh. I stepped on a tack in my room before. I have no idea why it was on the floor. Lol. But it rlly hurt too.

i got a whole 2 inch nail stuck through the side of my foot. had to go to the hospital to hve it removed. got kinda mad so i kicked a wall which had a nail sticking out. (obviously didnt see the nail)

ya. i just couldn't get it out so i kept my foot lifted up and eventually it fell out.

i live with pine trees, so i would accidentally step in a pine needle in a pile while playing with my dogs. there is often something stuck in my carpet, too, like some tiny needle that no one can find until they step on it.

pics or it didn't happen

my sister (somehow...) got a needle stuck in her foot, and it was so deep in that al you could see was a bit of thread that it was attached to,

she had 2 go to the hospital and they made an incision in her foot to pull out the needle...

``♥Bєllє η ♥``
OOUUCHH! yes that has happend to me too! and it hurt soooo bad , i thought i would die of pain...one day i was fixing my bedroom cuz it was messy, and since i had a lot of posters, i had a lot of those push pins...anyways i never noticed that some fell on the ground and while i was walking backwards, i tripped ad i felt something sharp go through the heel of my foot...BOY DID I EVER SCREAM...it was terrible!! :(..luckily i took it out be4 it cud go any further...ouch..

don't right questions with several repetitions of letters....its not cool....just makes you sound uneducated and like an idiot.

I was once sliding my feet along the floor when i was walking to the lounge room and my foot got skewered ...by a skewer....IT HURT REAL BAD!

And once i was turning the soil in the garden and i stabbed the garden fork into the top of my foot....straight threw my gum boot! I still have a scar.

Keep an eye on it. Puncture wounds can go septic rapidly if you injected some germs into the wound.
I stepped on a board with a 20d. nail in it. It went in the bottom of my foot and came out the top about half-way back. The doctor gave me all kinds of shots for that one.

Yeah it hurt REAL bad I got a rock stuck in my foot.
I was running around outside without shoes ('Cause shoes are an imprisonment 4 your feet) and I just stepped on it and I had to go to the hospital and get it taken out. I couldn't walk for 2 days after that.

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