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laura k
Cut off chunk of flesh off of finger..should he get it checked out?
my husband literally cut off a chunk of flesh off his index finger while cutting watermelon...a chunk of flesh was sitting on the counter top :( It looks really bad.. i was hoping it was only the outer layer of skin but its actually the part of a finger that came off.. we wrapped it tight over with a band aid last night....today...the band aid is stuck on that part of the flesh and wont stop bleeding...(ok he said it just came off) im scared that its going to get infected...shouldnt he get it checked out? or is it ok to just keep it tight covering it with band aid till i dont know when because he doesnt want to get it checked out.. can anyone please help im really worried :(

get to the er

he should get checked out and see what his GP says that's probaly the best suloution

Don't panic! Make an appointment with a general practictioner. If it bleeds severely, take him to the ER.

Sarah Morrison
It is highly unlikely he will bleed to death from this cut. It can definitely get infected though so it should be cleaned well and kept covered. It probably should have been seen by a medical professional last night but if he is really insisting on not going try to clean it with alcohol. Cover wound with antibacterial gel (like neosporin) and then wrap with gauze and medical tape. Constant pressure until it stop bleeding and don't remove the bandage for at least another day or so. Keep the area clean and DRY - no more knifes or hand washing. Good luck!

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