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 HAVE YOU ever revived a person by CPR ?
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 What can you do for a brown recluse spider bite?
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 My nose wont stop bleeding.?
I was training with my friend. got hit the wrong way, now my nose is bleeding pretty badly, even right now. Any ideas? dont wanna go to the to the doctor or anything, too much trouble.


 why did my misquote bite turn into a scab type of thing?
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 what's the best way to drop cholesterol?

 Bee sting. grrrr!!! please help!?
So yesterday while i was on a hike with my family, my cousin accidentally stepped on a bee hive and the swarm attacked me and my cousin. I got stung 26 times, and my cousin got stung 30 times. It ...

 sorry to bother anyone but im going trough menopause and i feel like throwing up can i take anything?

 Is there a bug in my ear kinda paranoid?
okay a lot of flies were flying all over my room and face and i think one might have flew in my ear a small one maybe. I'm kinda paranoid right now I'm not sure if it did, I did feel one ...

 Whats a good way to stop your lip from bleeding?

I cut my lower lip this morning while shaving -- of course it bleeds and bleeds and bleeds and bleeds. The problem is even more of a headache for me because I use Warfarin/Coumadin which ...

Can you fake unconsciousness or being passed-out?Doctors!!?
Just wondering if someone can just fall down and pretend to be passed-out or unconscious just to get attention or CPR

You can't fake the need for CPR. We always know when someone is faking being unconscious when we insert the foley catheter.

No. CPR should only be administered when a person has no pulse. You can't fake that.

you won.t get cpr unless you don.t have a pulse.......don.t think you can fake that one..........there are certain things that can be done to a faker to determine if it is true unconsciousness.........some of it a bit painful.....

no, because CPR are only done to those who does not breathe and is pulseless.

and you cant fake unconsciousness, because every time the doctors and nurses will take care of a patient who is unconscious they will assess it first, they will do something that you cant bearly stand the pain. those unconscious clients also has different levels. pain assessment will be applied, so if you plan to fake unconsciousness, you better fight pain.

Yes people try it all the time.
A good way to check is to hold the persons hand as High over there head as it will go.Let go.If they slap them selves in the face then they are passed out.If they pull the hand down to there side then they are faking it.

Medicine Woman
You can try but the people who deal with this everyday know whether you are faking or not, there are ways for us to check. There is no way you can fake not having a pulse. Never do CPR on someone who doesn't need it, it can cause so much damage, there are always broken ribs. I am not a Dr but I have done my fair share of CPR and we have even had a few fakers of people passing out. There are ways to tell, guaranteed. This is nothing to mess around with, it is not a joke.So the answer to your question is NO, not for the trained professional.

Ram D
You can or some one can press the top of the nose just below sthe eyes brows forcebly and one can come to the conscious state.

No, eyeballs moving give you a away

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