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 What's the best thing to do for my swollen 5/8 ear gauge?
I have had gauges for over two years and have had this problem before, but it is still not getting any better. I have 5/8 acrilic saddle plugs and all was well i have not gauged up for months, when ...

 Can you give yourself nausea?
I have been feeling nausea almost all the time for the past week or so and I think it's all in my mind because I have a HUGE fear of vomiting. What I really want to know is:

Is it ...

 How can you heal mosquito bites fast?
I live in the backwoods of wisconsin. Mosquitoes are always bad, but it seems like they are horrible this year. I have red spots all they way up and down my legs. I know if i wouldn't scratch ...

 bad bee sting ?????????
ohkay so i got a wasp or bee sting (im not sure which) yesturday at like 1 about an inch from my ankle bone on the inside. it was kindof swollen all day but now its huge.. the swelling is going up my ...

 How else can I pop my ears?
Ok. So, my right ear is clogged, and it's very annoying. I washed my hair yesterday, but didn't have any problems until around noon today, so I don't think it's that. I've ...

 When should I see the doc about my sunburn?
I have big blisters, maybe the size of quarters on my shoulders. I am in considerable pain, just wondering if I should go to the doctor??...

 Dog bit my finger, what should i do?
my dog just bit me in the finger and took a chunk of skin. it is about as big as a dime, and it is really deep. what should i do?...

 Any home remedies for mosquito bites?
Okay I have like seven from sitting out on the porch I had to get an Off candle it was so bad rofl!
But anyways, Any remedies for mosquito bites they itch REALLY bad. And some are getting ...

 Anybody know of a good way to get rid of a blister?
Since I've been working out (treadmill & bike), I've been getting blisters on the bottom of my feet- the ball of my feet- and also on my back of my heel. I wear good shoes. How do I get ...

 cut cuticle, now have a swollen finger?!?
my finger got slammed in the car door when i was younger, so the nail popped off and i got a new one, but this one was odd shaped so i tried to use a nail filer to make it look like my other one to ...

 Bruise went from black and purple to red?
I got a bruise today at swim practice on my shin from getting out of the pool. It was just black and purplish like a normal bruise but now it's a few hours later and it's red with like a ...

 whats the easiest way to give yourself a black eye?

 Is having a piece of lead stuck inside your skin bad?
I mean like pencil lead. My little brother was in class and his friend stabbed him in the leg with a lead pencil (they were playing around) and a piece of the lead got stuck inside his leg and he ...

 Boil on skin turned black?
I have had a boil right underneath my waist line for about a week now and it has started to turn dark purple, and almost black. Is this normal for a boil to do? I have been cleaning it with rubbing ...

 my bee sting is really really painful?
i got stung about 7 hours ago on my finger, i didnt see what did it as i was cycling, but i flicked whatever it was off, and when i stopped i saw the back end of it (so guess it was a bee) still in ...

 How do I remove a bb out of my leg?
About 5 years ago I was shot with a bb gun at close range, and the bb is still stuck in my leg. Its starting to annoy me. I do not have any health insurance and do not feel like paying hundreds of ...

 I want to become an EMT?
I have personally witnessed trauma. Is there a good way to get the images out of your head. Or does it just become nothing after time....

 Help, i got sprayed by glade!?
Well, my friend decided to be funny and sprayed me a 3 time with glade air freshener.
So, i'm not sure if it got in my eyes or not because i was covering my face with my arms, so these are ...

 My friend recently thinks she got bit by something, but around the bite her skin is tough.?
It was really hurting her for a while, and sometimes hurts to stand too long on that leg. What kind of bite do you think it is, and is there anything she can do to make it feel better?...

 When performing compressions on an adult, how deep do you compress the chest?
1/2 to 1 inch
1 to 1 1/2 inches
1 1/2 to 2 inches
2 to 2 1/2 ...

Can you die from third degree burns?

It depends on the amount of skin burned. It it was a small patch, no, probably not. If it was a large patch of skin, yes you could probably die.

often the infection will kill you

Yes definitely depends how much of your body burned or some people could just die of shock.

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