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 this is gross I know! SORRY?
I had an ingrown hair on an unmentionable spot.. well anyhow, I took a needle to it last night to get the hair out. And it blood profusely. And now its kind of like oozy and blooding. Any ...

A small piece of hair went in my eye... how do I remove it?
I tried taking it out using water, but it ended up moving to a non-visible part of my eye, maybe near the back? Should I see a doctor? I'm extremely worried I might slowly lose my vision with my hair still there.

blink your eyes; tears might wash it out...if it don't work try this.

wash your hands pull the upper lid down over the lower one..the lower lid might brush it out.

if it's under the lower lid, place your thumb just below the lid and gently pull the lid down. use the corner of a sterile gauze pad or clean handkerchief to lift it out.....if none of these work you need to get to a doctor

i have had good success in flushing my eye out under a faucet by holding my eye open with index and thumb and letting water hit the eye and flush whatevers trapped out

your eye may be a little irritated for a minute or two afterwards
but nothing compared to the pain of something in your eye constantly irritating every single freakin blink!

You can try splashing cold water in the affected eye, then take a tissue, look in the mirror and try to maneuver it to the corner or edge so you can swipe it out gently with the tissue. I do this with my little boy all the time as he has long lashes and they are always getting in his eye. You will be fine.

Try to use Optrex eye wash with its cup provided. Read the instructions on it.
Have to wash your hands before you apply.
No worries too much. You will not lose your vision.
But need to get it out and need to be careful to avoid infection.
After eye wash, you should check with a doctor if there's still have some discomfort.

Chew a piece of gum 'till soft..use it for a grabbing devise, won't harm the eye or hurt...get someone to help if you have a problem keeping your eye open.

well if the hair is on ur head just simply take ur fingers an swipe them across ur face like ur putting ur hair behind ur ears or u could get a pair of twizzers an get it out

ps maybe u should go c a DR.

It's probably out by now just through your eyes tearing mechanism, but if not, try twisting a kleenex to a point and gently touching your eye with the tip of it. Hopefully, the hair will stick to the kleenex.

My husband is an eye doctor and i've seen him do this many times.

Mike M.
you won't loose your vision and it will come out....chill

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