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 what calm down sunburn when it hurts bad?

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 Huge spider bite with a bruise around it?
I'm in Hawaii and I got a spider bite (no idea when or where it happened) and you can see two big fang marks (about half an inch apart... so I'm inclined to think it's a big spider) ...

A bee just stung me, what do I do?
It throbs every 10 seconds or so. The bee stung on the right side of my right wrist. I took the needle out already. What do I do afterward to help the pain or healing? Actually I haven't done anything to it.. I didn't even touch it. I just took the needle out with my tweezers. It was throbbing for about a minute and then I just stayed calm and it doesn't hurt at all. Though there is swelling, but it doesn't seem to bother me at all. Will it get worst later on in the week?

the legend
your so dead, say hey to morrison and cobain for me

wish I were Bella Swan
ouch!!! im sorry to hear that. but i know how you feel. Have you been stung by a bee before? if you have then you know if you are allergic or not. You can tell if it it is swelling badly a little swelling is fine but a lot you should go to the doctor asap. it is very very unlikely that you are allergic though! so dont freak out! ;) (haha i did) If you determin that you are not allergic first I would hold some ice on it. that helped me a ton. then after about 20 min put on some benadryl cream or hydro corrdosone cream. then maybe take some benadryl or tylonel or some pain killer that you take. ok well good luck!!!! im sorry feel better!!!!

Put a wet glob of baking soda on it, If it's not to late that will help some. If it's ben a while some Benadryl or Tylenol can help as well as some ice. If you don't know if your allergic, keep an eye on the site. If it starts to really swell and you breathing becomes labored. Go to the hospital.

Get a moist towel and put it on the spot where the bee stung and try taking some medicine like motrin to help it feel better after that you should leave it alone to heal.

My grandmother always said gather three leaves from different plants and rub them vigorously over the sting. I've only been stung once, so I can't tell you I've tested it a lot.

Get some ice, and put it on the sting. go to a pharmacy and ask what you can take to help the pain, but i find that pain killers dont really help with any sort of pain. it might stay itchy or red for about a week

There really isn't much to do. As long as you don't have a cascading reaction (i.e. you aren't allergic to bee stings), then swear a lot and promise that if you ever meet the bee that did this to you, you'll give it a piece of your mind ... and get on with your life. If you really can't stand the pain, go to the pharmacist and they'll give you some sort of light topical anaesthesia, but it won't help that much.

Put an ice pack on it to reduce the swelling. Vinegar will draw out the venom, but it is still gonna itch for awhile.

calamine lotion will help if you have it, if not then ice in a baggy will work just as well

well if you dont have any open cuts in the area i'd put some aloe on it (aloe stings like crazy on open wounds). it you do have any open cuts put some neosporin on it. it might help the pain go away faster, but mainly it just takes time.

If you put mud on it, it should feel better. This sounds really weird, but it actually works! Good Luck, ‚ô•Michelle

Sexy's Back
dont taddle, you just go sting him back

i heard your supposed to do somethign with baking soda idk btu you shud rlly call one of those 24/7 nurse service places or search this on google instead

Sebek ‚Äú‚Āĺ
You have 3 options, try them all. Put vinegar onto it. Rub it with an onion sliced in half. Rub it with salt. It's nothing to be concerned about I have been bitten many times!

put a penny on it

put some diluted bleach on it to neutralize the poison, or if you're not comfortable, do a baking soda and water paste. leave it on, don't take it off.

let it heal..lol

rinse it with cold water and then put deoderant on it. haha it sounds wierd but it really helps with the pain feel better!!

Riya Sahil**
go to a doctor

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