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 Why is getting mad bad for your heart, if it also excercises your heart like running does?

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 what does mean when a bowel movement is green?

 Kidney damage caused by supplements?
long story short. It hurts to pee. So i went to the doctors and got tested for a ton of stds as well as a urinary tract infection. All came back negative. So the doctors were clueless and offered no ...

 What happens when your in a coma?
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 how frequently can you take a TB test?
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 If u have high blood sugar but dnt have dieabits?
Is it to still drank ...

 how can i categorized the blood infection?
like ...

 Has anyone ever felt a cold, watery feeling in their head? What does this mean?
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 What is the Cml survival rate?

 I been getting nose bleeds and feel weak and like i want to throw up I also get very pale. What is wrong with?

 Parkinsons Disease Information?
For school we have to do a project on the Disease Parkinsons. If you could help me out by answering some of these, thanks so much. 1. What are the chances of getting it? 2. What is it? 3. How ...

 Sweating during the night?
Ok. I have to start off by saying that my like temperature signals in my body seem to be wrong. I'm always boiling when everyone goes round in jumpers and then when people are warm, I seem to be ...

 if a person is dying of cancer in US and he has no insurance nor money to treat it,does he just wait to die?
or is there any organization that help him? i'm talking about a US citizen, not illegal immigrant. not a criminal either. a good citizen all his life, just right now he's out of job and ...

how much insulin can kill you?
i just got injected about 20 units of insulin in to my body with out knowing it am i gonna die help!!

your not nessasarly going to die unless you injected it just because you felt like it ... i took 30 units of humalog at one point but that was because i was eating that many carbs and i had to do a correction and i didnt need to go to the hospital... if you start to feel like your having a low take some sugar and make sure that your only taking as many as you need .

Lynn Bodoni
I inject 100 units of Lantus twice a day. I also inject 25 to 50 units of Humalog at every meal. I know of other diabetics that only inject a few units at each meal. How in the world did you manage to inject insulin without knowing it? At any rate, check your blood sugar over the next hour or so, and if it gets too low, then eat some simple carbs/sugars. About half a can of regular (not diet) soda is good for treating low blood sugar episodes.

ll m
how could one possibly get injected with 20 units without knowing it? Drink a couple of regular soda's for right now. If you begin to feel hot, sweaty, shaky, confused, slurring speech, etc...then you really need to seek medical advice. It wouldn't be a bad idea to go to the nearest Urgent Care or ER...dont forget to check your blood sugars often and do not drive yourself to the ER, have someone with you at all times tonite until you know you are safe.

Lexie Bieber
No you will be fine as long as u ate that much food. If not eat lots of sugAr or go to the hospital. Check your blood sugar a lot!

Yes, that is enough to kill you if you are not diabetic. You need to start eating sugar or drinking juice or sugary drink now and get to the hospital as soon as possible. Get to the ER. Even if you eat some sugar and feel ok now, if it is time release you could die in your sleep tonight. This isn't a joke. Also you need to call the police on your way to the ER.

Eat some food, and watch how you are feeling. Look up symptoms of low blood sugar. How long ago was this injected? Was it fast acting or long acting? How did this even happen? I am confused honestly. Just from like my own experience, if I take 4 units of short acting with my largest meal I still go low, and my long acting dose is only 16u, so I don't understand whose great idea to give a non diabetic person 20units of insulin.

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