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What happens if a sinus infection is not treated?
Is there any kind of permanent damage as a result? and if you don't have a real answer than please don't bother responding thanks

Alexus Butler
For anybody reading this article assuming you have never sufferd from Sinus problem then you're incredibly lucky, it is extremely unpleasant and incapacitating. First thing to do is actually figure out why you are having this issue, should you be getting an infection every few months in which case you really should get to the root of the problem. Sinusitis are usually caused in many ways, and trying to find out what can cause your own infection will have a large impact on medication, here you'll have serveral possibilities, there are lots of herbal treatments around that may work, you will additionally find lots of nasal rinses as well as sinus flushes around. Somtimes a antibiotic becomes necessary. The most important thing you can do is discover the trigger, then get treatment. Best of luck.

Eden Roberts
For everyone reading this assuming you have never sufferd from Sinus difficulty then you are extremely blessed, it's very distressing and debilitating. Very first thing to try and do will be find out why you are having this issue, should you be getting an infection every month or two then you really should get to the reason behind the condition. Sinusitis may be brought on in many ways, and trying to find out the causes of your infection may have an enormous impact on treatment plan, here you will have serveral solutions, there are plenty of natural home remedies around that can work, additionally , you will find plenty of nasal rinses and sinus flushes around. Somtimes a antibiotic is called for. The most important thing you should do is find the trigger, after that get treatment. All the best ..

Cody Simpson
Sinus infection spreads fast and easily. It will spread to other parts of your body most likely your brain. Last year I had sinus infection and I lost a bit of my sence of smell And if you loss your sence of smell, it's harder to taste your food. Believe it or not. It's like eating with pinching your nose.

James P
It can go to your brain. Very easy to cure unless ignored.

Pregnant Man
Well, it can get worse and spread, but that is usually unlikely. Then you can get brain damage. Go to a doctor just in case, better safe than sorry.

Generally, it will go away on its own, depending on the strength of your immune systems. Sinus infections are one of the more "minor" infections that don't really need extensive treatment.

you blow up.

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