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 Ear Nose And Throat Question??
i have had my tonsils out this year and have like red stripe down the side wall of my throat all my tests came back clear and allergy tests are clear taken 40mg losec twice a day so dont think it ...

 Disgusting Legs.. really destroys confidence!?
how come even after i shave/wax/epilate... i have smooth legs but.. they look like i have black heads all over! Some of them are ingrown hairs.. iv tried plucking it out with tweezers - now i have ...

 when will these packet of cigarets go off ?
ok i have bin givin a pack of cigarette from spain ( 20 mayfair) and i was wondering how long they will last as in when will it expire .. how long do you thing ? and they are not open STILL SEALED IN ...

 Bio-Oil or Vitamin E Oil for acne scar treatment?
I've been using using bio-oil for months and months, and can hardly see any difference in my scars on my face (caused from picking spots)? Is pure vitamin e oil any better? Has anyone used ...

 Can a nurse get medical information about a non patient from their database in work?
If the nurse know's their personal information can they find out medical information that a family member is on?...

 Nose Jobs!?!?!??!?!?!!?
Hi im Tammy, im 15 a few months till 16 and i want a nose Job, there is no point telling me oh....natural beauty and surgery is not the answer, but since i was young about 9 my nose just literally ...

 Can bipolar disorder which is not medicated cause hair thinning?

 Lower back and middle back pains, neck pain, dull headaches and chest pain. What is wrong with me?
I keep getting constant, but dull aches all over my body. I am getting neck pain, dull headches behind my eyes, very slight dizziness, lower back ache, upper/middle back ache, groin ache, stomach ...

 Extremely dry skin around my hairline?
I have had this condition for a long time now, perhaps about 2-3 years. I used to have very dry skin on my eyelids, forehead and in front on my ears (in my hair). Now I have no trouble with my face ...

 AM I SICK??????? 10 points?
ok, i am 12, and in the past 4 days ive always been tired. ive been sleeping all nite until about 11 then id stay up until 3 on the computer and go back to sleep and wake up at around 3 and go back ...

 Lump under breast that was a spot?
Last week i found a pretty painful spot underneath my right breast. I tried popping and it just kind of made a blood spot and then bled a bit. (tmi sorry) I put my right arm above my head to rest ...

 Asthma attack: turned blue and was paralized, what happened please?
Yesterday i had the worst asthma attack i've ever had in my life, and thought for a few minutes that i may die. It came out of absolute no where, when usually they build up and up from being a ...

 Acne problem on my chest and back?
Ive been to my doctor 3 times about my acne problem, at first he gave me Fucidin cream but that didnt work. Then he gave me Erythromycin 250mg and they seemed to work but i got really bad side ...

 Heavy feeling on right side/lung?
My chest constantly feels heavy. Its mainly on my right side, and it feels sore too. I sometimes hear a wheeze when lying in bed, nothing major but a slight one. Yesterday i also had a weird feeling, ...

 Why am I leaking urine and how can I stop it?! 19 years old?
Hi there, I'm a 19 year old girl with a pretty embarrassing problem, as above. about a month ago I started needing to wee and drink very often (like very desperately). This has gone down a ...

 Is skin affected with eczema more susceptible to sun burn?

 i get whiteheads all over my arms really horrible looking red marks?
i swim use the steam room at the gym apply moisturiser afterwards to my arms what can i do b4 or after to avoid the whiteheads ...

 when i stand for long my feet go really red and sore?
Even when im in the shower my feet get sore after standing for 5 minutes and they go red and my veins then stand out. its really uncomfortable! and if im waiting in a queue at school i cant stand for ...

 will my benefits be affected if my daughter signs on?
I am a single mother who is currently recieving benefits, my daughter has just finished college and is off to uni in sept, if she signs on, will this affect my benefits?...

 Can fish be addicted to cigarettes?
Just to clarify, I DO NOT SMOKE and I DO NOT FEED ANY OF MY FISH NICOTINE! Okay-so last night I was laying in bed listening to the three fish tanks making there sounds. One of them has an external ...

Ginny Jin
How long does it take to recover from a nervous breakdown?

j g
Although I have recovered from the nervous breakdown, it takes work to remain healthy. I see Psychiatrists, have to manage medications and see a therapist. I have to make sure I eat right, get enough sleep and exercise. There are side effects to medications that need to be constantly monitored. This has been going on for years now. The initial hospitalization and episode are over, but it takes a lifetime to keep my brain healthy. I keep a log of how I feel each day, and if I get too depressed or crazy for over two weeks, I get into the Dr pronto. People are no longer "locked up", in fact, some get out of the hospital after a few days - up to 2 weeks. I think they want you to get back to your normal life quickly. Just watch out for signs that lead you to the hospital in the first place. For my particular illness, it never goes away, so I'll be recovering for life. Good luck to you.

Tina Enchantress
Thats a difficult one as it all depends on the individual, their support mechanisms life style etc. Also it depends on what triggered the breakdown, for example work stress, going back to the same job may lengthen time of recovery, but saying that most people do recover. Best help to recover is gentle excercise every day, eating healthily, some relaxation, meditation and doing things that you enjoy. The key thing is to get help and supprt and that means being honest about how your feeling. If on medication its better to keep on it till your Dr says otherwise, many suggest antidepressants for up to 2 years), most people stop medication too soon as they think they are fine and results in relapse. Hope this helps Hugs

Grace C
Depends on the person. Minuetes, days weeks months. Just depnds on yourself.

How much weed do you have?

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