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 my grandsons back of his head is soft like jelly it doesnt seem like the normal soft spot seems ok otherwise?
he's 2 months ...

 My grandma lives in Mexico..and shes had a horrible headache for 2months now..what can it be? tumor?

 spine condition?
Janet, a 10 year old is brought to the clinic after falling out of a tree. An xray shows she has small fractures of the transverse processes of T3 and T5 on the right side. Janet will be watched for ...

 what are some human diseases?
this is very important to me! so please help me! especially pros!...

 what do if popliteal aneurysm rehabilitation two bypass leg does not like strain is this normal or OK?
two year s ...

 drugs which suppressive the immune system can make swollen lymph node?

 what is bronchial cavity?

 I want to find out about diverticulitis ?

 Does anyone know what this is?
I get real heavy feeling in my chest with a feeling like I i constently need to take a deep breath but can't seem to fill my lungs up which makes it more of a need to catch a deep breath.....but ...

 is oxycontin more potent mg per mg than heroin??

 Do I have pinkeye?
I have a puffy eyelid, red inner corner, white thick mucus discharge, along with a runny nose and body aches. My eye has been bothering me for a week now, but just this morning I thought I had ...

 my doctor said i have a tuberculoma he have seen it in my chest x-ray.. i am suffering from severe cough my sp

 which one is worst drinking or smoking?3?

 whats clotting ?
LOL. whats clotting. i have no idea....

Umm ... could you please diagnos this? Sometimes (not specific; random) I get this feeling that I am going to faint. My vision blacks out, I see red spots, my head (mentally not physically but ...

 Im Weak All The Time Now Help?
Ok so lately I'm always weak and tired and its seems like i get weaker everyday. I get enough sleep though. I don't think its mono. Does anyone have any other idea what is wrong with me?...

 constant coughing and out of breath?
My problem is kind of strange.. When I was 20, I had the same issue. It feels like I got something stuck in my throat, and it causes me to cough a lot. Then, I felt ill, and sure enough, I had ...

 what kind o daises you have?
tell me all about ...

 How severe is a paranasal sinus.. what are its complications...Please do tell me....?

 antibiotic side effects help.?
i am taking avalox for my bronchitis. the brinchitis is showing improvement but i feel lousy in every other way. i have been taking fistfuls of intestinal flora andf acidophilous to replace what the ...

Does anyone else like to eat there dried skin?
like peeling skin on your hands?

Well if I have it on my fingers then I bite it. But other than that I don't really like to eat it.

Yes I do as well it isn't healthy though but peeling of the skin on my fingers and lip is in a way a relief to me

I rely solely on my dry skin for sustenance.

yes i am quite sure there are others who like to eat there own skin, however i find it gross


NO. that's weird

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