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 what is the treatment of solar eclipse retinal burn?

 what is pleomorhic rhabdo sarcoma?
found in leg muscle of ...

 will females like me if i have a kidney disease?

 confused about rash on son's stomach, can anyone help?
My son, age 3, has a rash on his stomach that has been lingering for about 6 weeks. It is starting to spread to his back, neck, and legs. I don't have ins. and can't afford a ...

 what is a possible diagnosis for these symptoms, vomiting and pain in legs?
pain feels like legs are "burning"...

 operated low grade glioma<asrocytoma grade 2>6months latter follow-up shows a cystic lesion mwhat it is?
there is mid-line shift,the lesion is surounded by edema with minimal enhancement.<The primary tumor was in the left frontal lobe>...

 What is the best way to get over OCD without taking drugs?

 the average age of man is 72, the average age of a doctor is 59, keep listining to doctors to live less!?

 What is the possible reason for daze vision that happens suddenly?

 what remedies are there to finish or kill the fungus and athelets foot on you feet and body?

 symptoms of sandhaus disease?
need to know causes and symptoms. The child in question is 9 months old...has very little muscle control, cannot grasp anything in hands, cannot sit up alone, does not do any of the things a baby ...

 Sleep Apnea: If you have it and got surgery for it, did it improve things?
My husband suffers from sleep apnea and as of now using a C Pap machine. He hates it and is not looking forward to using it all his life.

He has schedule surgery in June. I think he'...

 What are the effects of salt and ice being pressed into your bare skin?
Lets say u put salt on ur skin and u press an ice cube inot it for a min. will it cause frostbite or any injury? please describe the effect it will ahve on the skin. both temporarily and long term....

 what is reynoldsdisease ore it can be called soldiersdisease?

 cure over the disease called as nagin in marathi?& some info about it.?
the disease is called as nagin in marathi. after the initial medicines for it. it is not completely cured though the rashes over the skin r completely gone ,the pains r horrible, the doctor said that ...

 how do you treat someone for lymes disease that has had it for 5 months untreated?
My husband contacted lymes overseas and has had it for 5 months witout any treatment the P.A. that he is seeing doesnt have a clue how to treat it and have asked that he ask his doc back here in the ...

 Can dogs get aids? If so can it be passed back to a human without aids? Does it afect them the same as humans?

 Is there anyone out there that had been told they have superior oblique myokymia. (Double vision)?

 How to cope with dyslexia?
If you or someone you know has it, how did they cope with it?...

 Is Hashimoto's related to Lymphoma or Cancer?

Can you swim in a pool if you have ringworm?
My daughter is going away this weekend to swim in a pool...will she be putting others at risk by swimming in a public pool?

I would take the chance. I know the clorine may be strong, but you would want to infect another child.

no the clorine is there too protect against all bateria.. it actually my be good for her to go as it will probably illiminate her case as well..

She should not swim until her ringworm is completely cleared up. Ringworm is highly contagious and yes she will be putting other kids at risk if she goes swimming in a public pool.

Send her swimming! No risk to others. The chlorine will kill any infectious agents she might be carrying. And it will also help her skin condition. If she had a cold, or someone else did, no one would think twice about it. Same applies here. Let her go swimmin'.

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