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 Could I have bronchitis?
I woke up with a sore throat yesterday,maybe the day before,when i went to bed last night i felt a little better,but when i woke up this morning my throat was even more sore,I'm running a low ...

 Who was first to cure common cold (unintentional)?
does anyone know the name of the first person to (unintentionally) cure the common cold?...

 What are signs of Lactose Intolerance?
I just want to know for sure because I think I have ...

 I haven't gotten any palpitations for a week now!!!?
Around August 2010 I experienced a week of mild chest pain. so I went to the doctor and I had EKG done where the results showed that I have incomplete right branch bundle block. For years now I had ...

 What does it mean if i feel always full and im never hungry and i feel sick?
I'm light headed and Cant tell when I should eat I can go days without eating please ...

 Black stuff and blood in phlegm?
iv been smoking for 5months and now every two weeks or so im getting a really bad cough, usually theres only little bits of blood n the phlegm but this time theres blood and jet black stuff in the ...

 Quit smoking teqniques?
I'm trying to quit but I need to replace my addiction with something else. Any ideas?...

 What does it mean to spit up just a little blood with mucus?
Is it that serious its not like spitting out blood its just very little i vomited yesterday and i know what the vomit was from and im going to the doc office tomorrow but i wanted to know what i ...

 Do I have an overactive bladder?
Hi, I have never been someone to drink a lot of fluids, I am often dehydrated. However I am really making an effort to have my 64 oz a day of liquid. If I drink 2 glasses of water in a row I will ...

 my blood work came back, everything was good, however my anti-smooth muscle was 33 high and out of range.?
What dose this mean?...

 Can doctors always tell if you have lung cancer through a CAT scan or just regular check ups?

 My father is taking Plavix, and he hit his head and now he can't stop bleeding?!?
He's on his way to the emergency -- Is he going to be fine?...

 does chemo affect normal child birth ?
my nephew has the highest level of ADD which is called the ring of fire. his father, who has recently passed from luekemia was on remission when my nephew was impregnated. i wanted to know if there ...

 Does triple c put holes in your brain,?

 Are there any effective treatments for a cold to help me sleep at night?

 If i eat garlic and omega#3 fish oil will it cure my hyperthroidism?

 What causes an ear infection?

 Am i having asthma? Should i consult a doctor immediately?
i played football today in the scotching sun and now, in the night, i have respiratory problems. I cant breathe properly. It feels like i have wheezing. Im not a bio student and want to know if this ...

 What to do when you can't relieve a yearning heart?
my bf is hone for a few months. we can only communicate by snail mail. I miss him dreadfully. and now I'm getting to the point where it's affecting everything I do. what should I do?...

 docs or ladys who have had/suffer with a fibroadenoma.If this is Fibroadenoma, then why is it growing so fast?
I noticed a bump a month ago in my breast round about where the ducts are. It's was just small and also hard and painless. I went to see the nurse practitioner at the walk in centre last ...

Are Publix blood pressure monitors accurate?
I checked my blood pressure at Publix today, and if it matters, I'm diabetic. But I'm only 12, and I've never had blood pressure problems. When I checked it the first time it came out as 137/91. Then I checked a few minutes later and it was 134/73. That's prehypertension. Is that accurate? Any time I go to the diabetes doctor(we call her that. lol), it's normal. I'm not obese or anything, but I'm 134 pounds and 5'3. So I'm a bit overweight. I'm trying to lose 20 pounds by summer though. Would losing weight help? Thank you!

falling lillian
Mm... I like this one. http://in-magazine.info/25860/blood-pressure-monitors

barkus maphis
You got me... It should be useful. http://hot2.info/25860/blood-pressure-monitors

wickell mcmaken
It's AMAZING I find this. http://givingagift.info/23958/blood-pressure-monitor

They are not accurate but give you an idea as to what your blood pressure is running (probably 130's on the top number). And, if you had not been sitting quietly for at least 10 minutes with no talking before you took your blood pressure, this would not be an accurate reading. Blood pressures are most accurate at rest. Most accurate is first thing in the morning before you get out of bed but since you do not have a blood pressure cuff at your home, this will be impossible for you. You can continue to monitor it intermittently. If you start exercising (walking is easiest - a brisk walk for 20-30 minutes per day) can lower your blood pressure and cause weight loss. If it is normal during your appointments, I would not be overly concerned about this reading due to factors I described above.

ρrοud Laτiηο/russian =)
Yeah for the most part they are accurate.

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