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 How many grams of sodium are in watermelon, cantalope & banana's?

 if im 12, and weigh 135, how can i lose weight the fastest to get into a good weight divison for wrestling?

y is salad necessary for bodybuilders?
and also if someone could give me a good diet routine for bodybuilding

I heard chicken and fish, and believe it or not pasta... just not so much pasta.......

Body builders needs lots of protein, complex carbs, dairy, and fruits and veggies like everyone else. There's a lot of 'body builders' who have TERRIBLE diets! Here's some great foods: Protein (8 oz portions are about right) Canned tuna in water 8 oz Lean chicken breast 8 oz of very lean steak 8 oz salmon, tuna, etc. Egg whites Any and all veggies and fruits - try to eat a 'rainbow' every day - meaning eat all colors of veggies. This will help you get all the vitamens and minerals that you need. Oatmeal (skip the butter and sugar) - get the real stuff - not instant. . .if it takes 10 minutes to cook it's the stuff you want. Whole grain everything.... I agree with what someone else said - if it comes in a box (pre-packaged) it's not for you.

because vegetables are healthy for the diet and can control your weight

Salad is good for bodybuilding because its got greens in it. Veggies of most any kind are great for you. A great way of eating regarding bodybuilding is to eat a good 4 meals a day. Maybe even 5. Make them smaller than usual and make sure they always include some kind of lean meats and veggies, as much veggies as you can stand. Protein shakes are a great way to substitute for when you are too busy to eat properly. Make sure your protein shake is lowered carb/sugar. Your muscles are going to tear with body building. The human growth hormone is needed to heal those tears. Without it, they wont heal properly making for weak muscle instead of mature, strong muscle. Eating or drinking too much sugar will directly inhibit your human growth hormone from being secreted. You definitely dont want that. Lean meats and good low carb/sugar protein shakes have amino acids in them, those are directly needed for bodybuilding and for creating new cell growth and sound mind.

Salad is neccessary because it give you many vitamin, necessary substance from vegetable. Also, to have a good diet routine for bodybuilding, it is not recommended that you eat a lot of meat. According to the Nutrion Institute, it is suggest that you should eat no more than 100g of meat everyday. Moreover, you need lots of vegetable and fruits.

Because it makes you go poo regularly, thereby eliminating waste in a timely fashion and removing toxins from the body? I dunno- just made that up. A good diet would be to eat only whole foods- if it comes in a package, you can't have it.

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