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let's get weird
will i lose weight by eating only 1,000 calories a day?
i'm about 5'1'' and 150 pounds.. i'm not 'fat' though. i wear a size 8 and i still get a lot of men!

however, i want to lose about... 35 pounds.

how much weight do you think i can lose in a month

dude i eat less than 1,000 calories a day and i still dont lose weight! maybe its just my weird body type though even though im 5'4 and a 100 pounds
i dont think you need to lose 35 pounds thats alot cz ur not that chubby or w.e.
i think you can lose maybe up to 10-12 pounds in a month or more if you rly stick 2 ur diet.

if you way 150 then add a zero and add another 300 calories for daily activity then there are 3500 calories in a lb so if you eat 1000 you'll lose 800 calories a day so roughly every 4 to 5 days you'll lose a lb 30/4 is 7to8ish and 30/6 is 5 lbs exactly hope i was helpful and good luck VOTE FOR ME FOR BEST ANSWER =D

You are out of your mind, don't drop below 1500 calories a day.

I've done the 1000 calorie a day a few times and I usually lose 8lbs in a month with light exercise from what I have noticed if you eat 1000 cals and exercise like crazy you don't lose anything but if you workout for only 20-30 mins you lose weight..just make sure everything you eat is healthy lean meat,fruits,veggies, take a vitamin and lots of water

*also I haven't gained any of it back ...just slowly work up to a 1200-1500 diet,workout and still eat healthy

SpeshL BLenD
Yes you will lose weight

Probably a lot like 20 lbs

if youre not fat, dont lose 35 pounds. but yes, you will lose weight if you eat only 1000 calories a day. idk how much though.

you try hard, you fail harder
You can lose by eating 1000 calories a day with no exercise at all 8 pounds in a month..

Big D.
Yes, you'll loose about 35 pounds in about a month if you keep it at 1000cal or less.
Take your vitamins, drink plenty of water, and get plenty of sleep.
If you count your ribs in the mirror, your to thin.

Yeah, you will lose weight, but it's not worth it AT ALL. You could lose JUST that amount of weight on a healthy diet with lots of exercise. Try this diet...


The best way to eat is 5-6 small meals a day, or eating every three hours. The purpose of this is to REV UP your metabolism, so your just burn calories! It's also healthier than gorging at three meals a day. Plus, it curbs your appetite so you don't over eat, or binge! But, if this isn't working for you, you need to try and plan your meals and snacks. Plan the amount of food and calories you want to eat, and don't go over that amount. And try using smaller plates because they make you take less portions of foods. And try experimenting with eating either more carbs, or protein and fats (yes I sad fats) it all has to do with your metobolic typing, and either one of these will make you more energetic and fuller, longer. And never eat under 1500 calories! That's UNHEALTHY! Try to lean towards 1700-2000 calories a day! And have a cheat day! So you don't go crazy from dieting! Plus, try eating smoothies for one of your meals! A healthy one, with just fruit, yogurt, juice, and ice! This is good because they are better for digestion, plus they are healthy AND you can add protein powder to them! Which is GREAT for after an exercise!


My work out routine is very simple. I walk/jog thirty minutes a day (Or three miles) NO less! Then if you want, try lifting weights, sit-ups or crunches, squats and lunges! Building muscle will BURN calories, even when you are just laying around! So, when you get back into shape, you can get into harder work outs, and basically eat what ever you want without worry!

Plus, another great workout is swimming, which is low impact, and burns TONS of calories in an hour. Don't deny this one till you try it, and it's fun. You just need the right bathing suit, goggles, and a swim cap! This is my exercise of choice!
Plus, REMEMBER, protein smoothies! They help since they are essential to muscle repair, and muscle only grows when it is repairing and at rest! So never workout more than 5 times a week. OR you will WEAR yourself out, and you have to have time for your muscles to rest!

Hope this helps, stay healthy, and be patient! Good things come to those who wait! And losing weight healthily can take up to 2 months for your satisfied results, so don't feel discouraged, and you may build muscle on the way that will way more than fat! But, remember, even if you start to weigh more you are burning tons of calories!

You'll gain weight by eating under 1200.

u r over wt by 40-45 lbs.By taking 1000 calories a day, you may loose some 8 lbs/month if u also busy with 1/2 hr cardio

You should try aiming for 1,500 calories a day and you will start loosing weight and not gain it back when you start eating the way you do right now, 1,000 calories will only 'screw' your body because you will start gaining weight once you have stopped dieting.

Big Boy
idk, just depends, you will lose weight on a 1,000 cal. diet, it just depends how much you exercize, i'd say between 10 and 15 pounds amonth, good luck :D

do not lose 35 lbs.
if losing 10 or 15 makes you feel a bit more confident though , go for it.

yeahh 1000 calories a day will burn like 5000 a week :)

Up it to 1200 or more a day, and exercise. That's the healthy way to lose weight (provided you are eating healthy foods) and keep it off. Drop your calories too low and you greatly increase the chance of regaining the weight once you go into maintenance mode (when you hit your goal).

At 5'1" you should weigh 98 - 116 per the source site. So, yeah you're carrying some fat (men or no men). Get to a healthy weight now...it'll be much more difficult as you get older, trust me.

probably a good 10 or 15 pounds if you put your mind to it.

Eatting only that in a day isnt good for you your going to want to keep a diet around 2000 a day and just change it to all good foods and work out. you may gain weight from working out but you will be losing fat and weight doesnt really matter as long as you are healthy

you don't need to lose weight but anyway, during a month you can lose from 4-10 kilos depending on how strict your diet is. I don't recommend a strict diet though just stick to a healthy one. eating 1500 calories a day plus regular exercise should do it. Good luck

cняìsтìиα ♥
that's really bad for your metabolism

not much

†ιnnocence ιѕ тoхιc☣
I'm just taking a guess but about 10-15 pounds.

I was the same weight and almost the same height i lost like 25 pounds by walking and swimming alot not eating after 6pm and just not eating high fat high calorie foods. Don't do 1,000 calorie a day diet because you might gain alot of it back. Plus you might get so hungry that you will eat bad foods or in other words "binge" My last 15 pounds i am losing (i lost 4 of it last week) by doing jump rope and eat healthy.

cassy c
I think that eating that many calories may let you lose weight but only for a short period of time. 1,000 calories is pretty low and I think that you will keep losing weight until you start eating more calories and then you will gain again unless you plan on eating that many calories or around that many calories forever. I would say to eat at least like 1,200-1,300 calories a day and that may also still be really low based on if you are male or female and etc. You should look up online how many calories your body type and what not should be eating and judge around there. Make sure to exercise because without exercise it will take longer for you to lose weight so do exercise...very important. I think if you worked hard you could lose about 10 pounds in a month or close to there..depending.

Take care and hope I helped...

None really. In fact, you'll probably gain weight. Promise.

Starvation diets dont reduce bodyfat. They reduce muscle, and lower your metabolism. This only leads to INCREASED levels of bodyfat which is exactly what you dont want.

Calories are not fat. Calories are a measure of energy. TOO many calories get stored, but you also need enough to be yourself. The body will protect itself -- even if it's owner tries to starve it.

OK I am guessing size8 American becauseyour weight and height, that's not size 8 in australia

No you will not lose weight - you are starving your body, therefore your body will grab onto everything you eat and store it as fat.

Start writing down everything you are eating, the times and stuff. Then you can see what you are eating wrong and fix it. Then start exercising. These websites should help...


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