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 will i be thinner if i drink 20 glasses of water a day?
im not looking for a huge drastic change, just maybe 1-5lbs.


xoxo, thanks....

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By the way, this is for my sister, not me....

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 in which vegetable and fruits have vitamin 'c' ?

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How much weight can I lose in a month?
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 what is the quickest way to get maraujana(sp) out of your system?
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how do you get it out of your system the quickest?...

 What is your opion on fat people or just over weight peoople?
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why are some peoples collar bones more visable?
its like there are two kinds. one where you just see two, and one where you see several, one above another. i have a friend that is shorter than me and 15lbs heavier, and you can see all of her collar bones. She is just normal size. i am underweight ( my bmi is 18.3) and you can only see two of mine. i dont understand.

You know I answered a similar question like this and I was smited off for being an apparent "racist" . . . Just by virtue of the fact that I stated that "some people blah blah this & that" . . . And the truth is . . . What I stated was the truth! Instead of the idiots on the other end attacking me . . . What they need to do is attack their Creator. I want to see if they do that though. I know which One I am going to be putting my money on!!! Anyway, I just wanted to warn you to please be careful here. I hope that they let you ask your question in peace. Take care.

Ali T
umidk sryyyyy

coz were all different

Juan O
becouse they are more skkiny

some people have more muscle or fat than others

the amount of fat you have and the amount of muscle mass makes a difference.
but for the most part, your genetics decide how big your bones will be.

Its because their skin is thinner, they are thin themselves and it is genetic

walt frazier
you only have two collar bones

I dunno what your seeing, but we only have 2 collar bones.

Joseph M
The skin is tighter round that area I think

katie w
I notice that more in skinny people.

Just curios as to why? because if it aint a big deal, i can see my colar bones, now when I am heavier, from children, and from before in high school when i was skinnier.

You don't have more than one collar bone on each side.

Do you mean her ribs? If she is bigger boned than you are, her rib cage will be larger and more prominent. Also, fat distribution is different for everyone.

Kim S
I think you only have 2 collar bones and they usually show unless you are obese

There is nothing to worry about, It's just the way were born with it. My collar bones are showing.

It's just more prominent on some than others. It's likely to show on skinnier people, but not necessarily. My mom was downright overweight at 155 lbs, and her collarbones, kneecaps, and wrists were still bony.

Maybe she has different posture than you. Sometimes the way you sit and hold your shoulders can affect the bones. Try sitting up straighter and that might make them show.

Ivy G
her skin's on too thight???

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