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when is the best time of day to weigh yourself? when is it most accurate?

Hey sweety, one should never be so concerned about there weight that they are trying to figure out a "best time of day" to weigh.

If you are trying to follow a diet or work out regimen it would just best be consistent with the times you take the measurement, for example either always in the morning, or always in the evening.

Your weight is your weight, accuracy will depend on the scale. So, for comparison purposes just be consistent when tracking your weight, perhaps you could average morning and evening weight...but again, really one should never be this on top of there weight unless they are trying to cut weight for a wrestling event to be in the correct weight class.

in the mornig be for you eat or do anythng

I weight first thing in the morning after using the bathroom and before dressing. Unless I am on a maintenance type program, I only weight once a week. Can keep down the frustration.

The best time to weigh is when u first get up in the morning.

In the morning. Don't eat before doing this. Go to the restroom. Take your shower. Dry off. Be naked. Step on the scale. That's your true weight.

In the morning after you use the bathroom.Have the scales in there already so that you can and do it the same time each morning.Hope this helped you.

Early in the morning, as soon you get up, urinate then stand right away on your scale (you should be naked too)

The same time every day.

Katie Girl
The best time to weigh yourself is first thing in the morning after you urinate.

first thing in the morning after you pee and before you eat

i've been told to weigh yourself 1st thing in morning after you've emptied bladder. they also say it's best not not weigh every day. once a week is ample.

first thing when you wake up will be the lightest, I presume whenever you weigh yourself will be "accurate" in that you will know what you wiegh at that moment, as for what your average weight is I'd guess like 3 pm or somewhere thereabouts when you've digestied and your weight has settled

Good question my guess is simple i am currently working out every day to loose weight however i am not fat but i am burning fat and gaining mussle.mussell weighs more then fat. sorry i cant type for heck, I always weigh my self after i work out in the evening and somtimes in the morning after using the restroom. Good Luck to you. Have a nice day.

After you urinate and deficate. Although, as long as you weigh yourself the same TIME each day/week then you will get just as accurate a profile.

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