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if i just eat jello all day would i loss weight ?
besides geting sick would i loss weight?

Gloomy Princesess
omg i was wondering the sme thing the other day i'll be checking this question

No, I don't think you would. Eating jello is all sugar and even if it is sugar free it isn't giving your body enough of the things is needs like protein, carbs, etc.

S i r i
if it is the sugar FREE kind

no - you will end up gaining because you will lose water weight and muscle NOT fat and it will make your fat more stubborn.
find calorie/fitness calculator on the net, enter your stats and it will tell you how many calories a day you need to maintain your weight. take 300-400calories off that number and that's how much you need to lose weight.
eat 5-6 small meals a day instead of 3 big ones.
5-8 servings of fruit and vegetables a day.
8 glasses of water a day.
4-6 times a week cardio work out for 30-50min plus light weight training.
no junk food, no sodas, no white flour (white bread, pasta, cookies, cakes etc)

I doubt it Jello contains sugar.

No. Where would you get such an idea?

I don't know about jello but I do know that eating buttered toast every day ( 2 slices ) and then a couple of good meals a week, I lost weight, went from a size 14 to 10.

all_for HIM
dont do that its very unhealthy

Your body is a machine and needs the correct gas to run it.

You wouldnt stick lemonade in a car and expect it to work would you?

To loose weight sucessfully and healthly you need to give your body what it needs and to raise your metabalism. Drink lots and lots of water, espeshially cold water as this burns more calories as your body tries to warm it.

Eating sensibly and trying to do 30 mins of exercise a day is really the only good way of loosing weight..well the recomended way anyways..

Eating jello all day won't help you lose weight. You really have to go on a diet and start doing some exercise. Exercising is the key to losing weight.

please go to www.weightlossbuddy.com they have great tips to losing weight, if you do it that way your body will hang on to everybit of fat it can find & you may actually get so sick that you gain back more than youlose...if you want jello, add fruit to it, you have to get some nutrition...God Bless you and plz be safe!

Besides getting sick, sure.

I'm realy sorry but I doubt it you should eat more things than just jello like you could try gronola bites or maybe some speacial K stuff and fruit. but just doind jello is bad for your body!

if you count the teeth that rot out of your head

probably. its very unhealthy though - you're not getting enough nutrients/protein/etc that you'd get with your normal meals.

i'd personally rather be a little chunky and healthy than a twig who's going to die soon :)

The Jackal
Depending on how much you eat & how often you eat it.

Just do cardio and weight training, those are guaranteed to help you loose weight.

Frankie F
You'd lose weight.

And muscle.

And your teeth.

And clog your arteries.

And lose your vision.

And lose the ability to move around.

And then you'd finally vegg out and die.

Mrs. Hadaway
maybe if you drank just water and jello, but the sugar high and sickness wouldnt be worth it!

wacko (:
no sweetie
you'd gain it
unless u ate alittle jello and ran a LOT
but jello's full of sugar and sweet stuff [tahts why it tastes so good!]

Jello and nothing else?

Yeah, you'd probably lose some weight. And yes, you'd be doing a very foolish thing, missing out on essential vitamins, minerals, nutrients and proteins. Not to mention all that sugar! (unless you're talking sugar-free Jello).

Also, you'd most certainly gain all the weight back (and probably some extra) within weeks of eating a balanced diet.

A Jello diet? Bad idea.

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