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i need motivation to get buff?

Mickie K
Wanting to get buff IS motivation....

La lele
This does sound cheesy, but when my group of guy friends watched the movie 300 they went on a diet and started lifting, and it stuck with them for at least 2 months! :) So watch the movie 300!

Other than the obvious (do it for the chicks) why don't you try to picture all the people in your life saying you can't do something. Picture them all telling you that you CAN'T do this, you can't get buff, you can't even show up to the gym 2 weeks in a row. Now, set your mind to proving them wrong. Also keep in mind that confidence attracts people to you. When you feel good about yourself, people feel good being around you.

Another thing you should do is give yourself goals and deadlines. Don't set your goals too far out of reach, but give yourself something to work towards. As you succeed with each goal, award yourself something.

You are a girly mon, you have such skinny legs and arms, what is wrong with you. My little niece can bench press more than you, and so can my grandma.

ul be able to eat a slice of cake again and not pack on the pounds because of the muscle making ur metabolism faster...and ul probably have more self confidence in return letting u be able to attract more women.

Paul I
Think of yourself as really skinny and how much you want to be more muscular. That should be all the motivation you need.

Get a friend.

put a pic of ur head on a pic of a buff body and put it on ur fridge.


Tylar :)
Just do it! Lift, work out, eat right, exercise!
Don't take any of those awful steroids, though!

I think what helps my boyfriend is that I have a HUGE crush on Channing Tatum... he starred in his new movie called Fighting, he was also in the movie Step Up... & a couple more. Anyways, my boyfriend gets a little jealous of him sometimes ;)

Captain Awesome
Me and you both, budd.
Best of luck. I will push it during the summer, taking it steady until then.

run and when u get skinny there u go

Kailee Miller
umm....just imagine urslef buff and how great u'd feel.
get a grilfirend

plenty of coffee

Friends, family and dedication.

Get a hot girlfriend!!!

for vageyenas of course?

Get a good friend to work out with!

Do it for me?

if I made you think, rate this as top answer.

First of all, you need to work on your brain. It is get buffed not "...get buff" unless buff is some dude you are interested in. In that case it would be Buff not "buff."

If you want to be buffed you have to be insecure. People may enjoy the process of working out. That is different. But doing it to be muscular leans towards homo-erotica. Hanging out at the gym with all the dudes looking at themselves in the mirror and showering together is for people who like dudes.

If you thought the muscles would attract girls they would have to pry the barbells from your hands........right?

Whether you like dudes or not there is nothing wrong with either but you have to work on that self-esteem. Exercising will help. You need to do your thing and stop looking at other things that you are not cut out for. Your strength may be in other areas. You will always feel you are less if you are in the wrong environment.

Have you read the story of the ugly duckling? I'll spoil it by telling you the duck wasn't an ugly duck because he wasn't a duck to begin with. Find out what you are. You will be good at it whatever that is.

Get up out of bed on time and at the same time everyday regardless of a workday, school day, holiday or weekend day. Successful people rise at the same time regardless.

Leave the television off. It does nothing but promote a big fat asss and a flatline existence.

Respect yourself. Everyone likes someone who takes care of themselves. Handle your finances. Be a responsible person. Exercise and eat healthier. Enjoy life and forget about becoming Arnold Terminator.

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