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 whats the perfect diet for a 13 year old girl?
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i know its bad for me!! and thats why i want to change.
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 I am so fat!! please help!!?
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 I'm 14 year old female wanting to lose weight.?
I'm A 14 year old female,
and almost all my life I've struggled with my weight.
Right now I weigh 172 Pounds and I'm 5 ft 1'.
My main goal is to drop down to 125 ...

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 please give me a diet plan!?
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i need a diet plan with no meat in it.
and ab exercises :]...

 Fitness Help?
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 Will I get big muscly legs if I cycle on a stationary bike for an hour a day, or will it help me lose weight?

 am i obese ? [pictures inside]?
okay. please take this serious, i must know =D
im 13, by the way.
i want you to rate me ;


im also working on ...

 What is wrong with me that I can't lose weight?
After being depressed for over a year....instead of not eating ...I ate and of course gain weight. Now that I check back to reality...lol. I want to lose all the weight I gained. I exercise 1 hr. 1/2 ...

 How can you get a flat stomach without starving yourself?
I'm trying to get my stomach into shape and i need help trying to get it into a flat with out starving myself to get it that way....

lonesome creature
how to make my legs long and thin without building up muscles?
i have short and bulky legs, especially my thighs. and i have huge muscles. what do i do about them? i am a ballet dancer so everytime we wear those leotards and thighs and when i look at myself in the mirror i'd almost faint. please help me? i want those long and slender legs and i'm sure it'll make me look better. plus, i have another problem, i also need to slim down the part behind my knees or so. because everytime i sit cross legged, a v will appear at the place my thigh and leg join. and it looks horrid. the upper part of my body is ok, mostly. i just need longer and thinner legs.
can you recommend some exercise that will help to make my legs and thighs longer and slimmer? not anything too active, because i have health conditions and i'll faint if i do anything too strenous, just something not too tiring please. thanks bunches!!

Nirvana Veggie balls
there r speciall easy Pillates workouts just 4 this, look up at the Utube, or buy the Programmes

Pilate's is really great for toning long lean legs

I really like swimming - not sure if it will help but when I used to swim often, I had the leanest looking legs, so going back to it soon.

karthick s
for growin longer legs u can follow on of these
-running (do sprinting..ll hurt a bit as u proceed.jus don overdo it)
-swimming (go to the deep section of the pool n try to float vertically like as if u flyin inside the water.flap ur feet
-do cycling.makes ur legs longer
-jumping(do different sets:skippin, jumpin,frog jumping)
-few legs stretches in the gym.
all these require committment n will power,so dun give up on it even if it pains..jus don overdo it.make sure u do them regularly
hope u r satisfied wid this answer/do voter :)

You can't make your legs longer or thinner with muscle on them. Genetics determines your body shape, so unless you hire a personal trainer to work just on those zones, you're SOL. Nothing tones every leg muscle like ballet, so get over it and be happy you're healthy. You have body dysmorphia, see a therapist.

Try skipping and playing basketball and other things that make you jump.These exercises makes your legs longer and makes you taller.

P.S:Because of your health conditions,don't overdo these things

get Fit Flops,
supposidly they tone legs.
I have them

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