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Marlen L
how much should an average female 12 year old weight?
i am 5'3 and i weight 180 pounds and i have a big bone structure my birthday is coming up in nov so im almost 13 how much should i weight?

at 5'3" you should weigh 105lbs soaking wet. Have you gotten your period yet? Your metabolism tends to change when with your menstrual cycle. I went from having baby fat to a thin hottie after I got my menstrual cycle. I was also super active, though.

Google D
grow taller, and 180 pound isnt healthy for a 12 year old u should be about 100-120 by 13

Christy L
like 90-120 something like that I think...

around that it sounds like a decent weight to me anywhere from 150 to what you weigh is pretty healthy

im 13 and im 5'4 and 120

im at the perfect weight, supposivly?

but i feel overweight

so like 110-115

But don't read too much into it, everyone is different!

im same height and age and i only weigh 110

you should only weigh at most 100

Sergio B
112 lbs

Macy :)
i just turned 13 on September 19 , I'm 4 ' 11 & 94 lbs .

i don't know what bone structure is .

anywhere between 50-60kg i think. or 90-110lbs but it all depends on body structure

try for 120

Myanda Ndomri
like 120. i weigh 100 at age 12

My daughter is 12 she is 5'2 1/2 and weighs 147. She wears a size eleven and I think she is of average weight. Women in my family have hips, thighs and a derriere so I wouldnt expect her to ever look like a twig.

Remember muscle weighs more then fat.

First of all, there is no such thing as a big bone structure. Skinny people and obese people have the same size bones. Also, a person at the height of 5'3 should be around 107-141lbs. This is according to BMI standards which DO NOT account for muscle mass. If you look the way you want to, then there's no problem.

around 100 pounds, at 13 maybe 110, if your big-boned maybe 130.... I don't know.... but every 12 year old i know is from 80 (small) to 115 (medium)

- Hope this helps!

Ps. Everyone grows different and i'm sure your the right weight for your age and height. and if you want to know exactly there's websites out there that specialize in that.

you're too young to worry about weight. most of your weight is bones and muscle anyways.

you can't really tell if you're overweight, if that is your question, because weight is based on body mass index [bmi]. if you think you're overweight, talk to your pediatrician. they have charts in the office that will tell you if you are underweight, average, or overweight.

Casey H
about 9 - 10 stone


☆♫Karro R♫★
i'm 13years old i'm 5'2 and i weigh 96 my birthday is in april.

Vladimir Lenin
I'm 15 and 5'1" and I weigh 101 lbs.
I have small bone structure.

If you feel healthy, then girl, it's perfectly fine.

Softball Babe!
You should weigh 90-120 pounds. I'm 13 and weigh like 115. But if you are healthy its fine. And no offense but since your kinda short it may just because u haven't had a growth spurt yet so if you grow several more inches should be thinned out a little. Hope I helped! :)

Age isn't what matters here.

At your height, you do weigh a bit much.
But if you have a larger bone structure.. I would say around 115-125 wouldn't be too bad.

thats a lot. 180 is the ideal wieght for someone like 6 fot 5!!! go play tag. outside! not on the Wii!

when i was 13 i was 110. 180 is definitly OVERWEIGHT for a person whose 5'3 and only 13. im 15, and 5'9, and i only weigh 130 ib.

Taylor M
Your ok. Your a little bit over the average but thats ok!

& smiley face. (:
No honey, not big boned. Sorry, I'm not trying to sound rude or anything, but you might want to make a plan to lose weight. Talk to a doctor or your parents and don't be shy. Try to get a little more exercise and slowly eat healthier. Just a little simple planning can really change you. There's a lot of good websites out there that can help you plan this stuff. I'm sorry if you think that was rude I'm just trying to help because 180 pounds is overweight. I'm your height and age and I weigh 95 pounds. I might be on the small side but 180 is a little too much. Sorry, but with effort you can change.

your average female 12 y/o shouldnt have to worry about such stuff.


You are very over weight and need to seek out help in losing weight without fade diets.

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