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 How many stairs equals a mile?

 Any comments on Selium and any possible negative effects it may have on the digestive system.?
specially on double dosages. feedback urgently needed. thanks alot in advance....

 Does alcohol contain sodium?

 hi i am 14 year old girl weighing 50kg i want reduce my weight?

 Are elliptical bikes really good for burning calories?

 Does goat milk and cheese have caseine?

 typically, how many calories are burned per mile ran?

 Is Fried Chicken okay to eat if you fried it in olive oil coated with wheat flour? and if not why?
I love fried chicken but do to all the fat and cholesterol that builds up from it, I was wondering if I can eat it if I fried it in olive oil and coat the chicken with wheat flour....

 I need a Diet Pill that will work!?
please don't tell me about diet and exercise because I already do both. I just need a little something to speed up the process. PLEASE HELP....

how do i hypnotize myself to lose weight?

All you have to do is to have faith in yourself, have A LOT of patience, have a "run away" activity when you feel like eating (sports would be perfect) and have a "YES! I can!" attitude.
Trust me! I have lost 35 pounds (12 kilos)

Congrats on already losing so much!

just keep doing what you are doing and exercise more self-control! you're already doing great and remember, it's okay to slip a few times just keep going though!

keep a picture of before you lost all the weight on your mirror, that should be enough to keep you from slipping because you want to improve yourself!

order the book of Dr. phill it really works

look in a mirror and dangle a donut back and forth.....

Doesn't work and it's a waste of time and money. Keep with diet and exercise.

Reverend Biff
How about I hypnotize you and turn you into a nympho? That would burn off some calories.

you can actually do that??

you can do that if you excise,walk,run,jog,and go to the gym three time a week

HA! That's a good one!!! lol

hmmm! keep telling yourself Jenny Graig >>> http://www.jennycraig.com/Offer/Ads/default3.asp?leadsrc=2100&gtse=goog&gtkw=jenny+craig

no idea dear..

catty blond
just look into the mirror... and chant these words.

I am fat old and ugly
I am fat old and ugly
I am fat old and ugly

I want to feel good and look beautiful
I want to feel good and look beautiful
I want to feel good and look beautiful

I have to diet and exercise
I have to diet and exercise
I have to diet and exercise

(close your eyes, picture your new body)

HOORAY for YOU !!!!
I attended a class on this topic and we were told to find a photo (or picture in a magazine) of the person we considered to be the most beautiful person on earth .......female (if you are female) or male (if you are male). We were instructed to put this person's picture (our ideal) on our mirrors and keep it there for 6 months.
The theory was that we needed to change our negative self-images through visual imagery.
It worked for me ! I lost about 30 lbs and wound up changing my haicolour. Such an improvement !

buy a tape or CD and listen to it before you go to bed.

i don't know about hypnotize. but when i don't want to go to the gym i think about all the hot skinny girls that i hate and i makes me want to go. (i only hate them because they're skinnier than me)

Try some subliminal weight loss tapes.

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