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need to lose weight ...

does the diet pill phentermine have caffeine in it?

Whole Lotta Rosie
No, it's an amphetamine (speed)--no need to add caffeine to that! It's a prescription drug--no ingredients on the label. I wish the people above who said "read the label" didn't answer questions unless they actually have some knowledge of the subject! I'm on it. Right now my symptoms are: it's hard to fall asleep and I wake up early (but I'm not tired), I get hot flashes in the afternoon and I'm thirsty a lot. My friend gets hot flashes, she gets faint in the sun and she's also thirsty on it.

No caffeine, although you may experience some side effects Here's a quick link on phentermine information: http://health.yahoo.com/drug/d00806a1

~* I <3 ME*~
read the ingredients on the bottle to find out...y? do u get too hyper or something when you have caffeine?!?!?!?

No, it has no caffeine in it.

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