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does chewing gum make you gain stomach fat?
does chewing gum make stomach fat???

not always...it actually depends on what the gum contains....if it contains fatty stuff then yes to ur question........otherwise no

Get sugarless gum. Chewing it keeps you awake because you're constantly chewing and exercises your jaw. Only if you swallow the gum you will slowly gain the fat.

The Girl With All the Answers
maybe if it has a lot of sugar, but otherwise no.

it does make you swallow a lot of air wich bloats ur stomach and makes it look fatter.

No but it makes your stomach bloated, if you chew gum you can swallow air...cause your stomach to bloat and give you gas.

It depends what kind.. Ones with a lot of sugar in them, yes. But you really have to chew a lot lol

Yeah, if you're stupid enough to chew and swallow 500 packs or somethin'.

I Miss You x3
prob. if you chew alot of gum because it has alot of sugar

uhmm? I've never heard of that but I have heard that it speeds up your metabolism. =]

Horrible amounts of blubber if you chew Black Jack but Doublemint has been proven belly fat free. Bet you never heard of Black Jack gum and will give you one guess of the color of your teeth after chewing.

never heard of it
google it
i think not though

please help me:
^ Falling for this guy, but he doesn't want a relationship...

S ♥

Accually, yes (depending on how much you chew, and wether or not it's sugar free)
Sugar free gum is loaded with an ingredient called Aspartame, which is a replacement for sugar. It makes you want more. Same with diet sodas, and so on, it is VERY bad for you when you eat it alot, and can make you gain weight.

So, to answer your question, yeah it prlly can if you eat 2-3 packs a day.

lol i have wondered that also b/c they make sugar free gum or wait is that supposed to be for diabetic people? who knows

Prism Eyes

No but it can make you gassy. It is a great dental floss substitute of course you would want to make that sugarless though.


no chewing gum burns callories

98pxy Girl
no! i never heard of dat!


but it's a sure turnoff

try the sugar free kind. the kind with a lot of sugar isn't good for your teeth anyway


lol, NO

It CAN make you swallow air, which CAN make you bloated, but that is JUST AIR and will subside.

The most harm it can do is make you belch or fart. :)

Nope not at all it may make you hungry though

no, but it burns calories since your chewing

Serial Kisser ;-*
No, it's gum, you never swallow it.

Berf Soucie
lol no hahaha good thing

★Starkissed ★
No. Some gums are so low in calories that you burn the same amount of calories just from chewing the gum.

Not unless you chew a couple of million packs. You would be more likely to have tooth decay than gain stomach fat.

Besides, there are so many sugarfree gums out there that taste great.

Happy chewing.

This is my first time hearing that. LOL

Barnabus C
No, the most fattening gum out there is bazooka bubble gum and that only has like 10 calories per peice. You burn like 50 calories and hour sitting down and doing nothing because you burn calories breathing, thinking, digesting, etc.

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