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Anyway, I'm just wondering... Is it okay to eat late at night? I mean, technically ...

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Just because you are overweight, fat, or obese doesn't mean you can call yourself curvy. Curvy is: Beyonce, Scarlett Johanson, Jessica Biel, Jessica Alba. These people have curves, they are ...

 Is Dancing or Running the better workout?
Try to include more thatn one factor like time. calories burned, fun factor, etc....

 What percent of americans actually have a thyroid problem?
and what percent of them does this make overweight?
thyroid problem is basically the only excuse overweight people have other than being lazy
What percent of people actually have this?

 What is your biggest challenge when trying to lose weight?
Lack of will power
Lack of time
High costs

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 Am i working out at the gym correctly ??
My daily work out routine ( mon-fri ):-

treadmill : 30 minutes , roughly around 3km /day
crunches : 200 /day
push ups : 40 /day

Do you think im doing it right? im ...

 Which diet is best for me?
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 whats the normal height for 180 pounds?

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 Does Hydroxycut work? Honestly?
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 Ever thought of accepting yourself just the way you are?
I've been dieting for at least 20 years. My pattern is I lose weight and it stays off for a few months and then it always comes back. I'm starting to think I was meant to be a size 16 and I ...

 I had 1605 calories today and 54g of fat. Is that bad or good?

can you grow taller if you lose weight?
im 17 years old and about 200 pounds. my height is currently 5'7". im gonna start dieting and running. is it possible that i could gain some inches from losing weight?


Height and weight come together, if you will loss fat you will look taller.
Check this grow taller blog for more tips about growing taller:

Jenna s
It depends on how your body is. All bodies work differently. You could try, but don't get your hopes up because it might not happen.


u r already on a good height, im 5 3'!!!! but no you wont be taller. however you will feel a lot better about yourself
good luck

Of course not.
It looks like to be taller because of "eye illusion" - actually it is the same.

Not a chance of that happening. But you might appear a little taller if you become leaner.

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