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am i overweight?
I am 14 years old 5'3" and 123 lb's ..most of the weight is in my thighs and i hate it..my stomach is thin but i feel fat...am i overweight?

No, you are not overweight. 123 lbs is perfectly healthy. When you start getting that feeling that you are overweight just make sure you are eating healthy and exercise. When I was your age I had the same problem,but I thought I needed to lose weight so I would go days without eating. That is when I became anorexic. I lost a lot of weight, but I still thought I was really fat. It got really bad I got down to 94 lbs and got really sick. I would keep passing out and I didn't know who I was or where I was or anything! I thought I was going to die. I asked God to help me through it and I would start eating right. It took a while, but I started eating regularly again. I'm 18 now and I weigh 115 lbs. I'm still on the skinny side, but I'll never do what I did again and I hope you don't think about doing anything like that. Also, guys like girls with some curves so don't let the weight in your thighs worry you!! :) -Lanie

you are 14 years old!!!!!! you're body is changing each and every day!!!! you are growing mentally, emotionally, and physically! you're body is still growing into itself! don't ever put yourself down and believe that you have to fit into the size 2 our society deems perfect! if you feel uncomfortable with the way you look then you should talk to you parents, your doctor, or someone else who can help you make healthy decisions and maybe even start doing specific exercises...but do it for yourself, not for everyone else! Good luck!!!


Mrs. J
Nope,sounds like you need some self image changes though. Try some toning excercises. Try walking, running or tennis. Something thats good for the thighs. Rollerblading it another good way to work out the thighs.

adios amigo
Eh...... maybe a little bit but by the time you are 18 you might be skinny.

Wouldn't know unless you knew your exact body composition.

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