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 weird clicking sound in my head when i run, jump, etc?
its really annoying and it didn't used to happen and i have to turn my ipod on full volume to drown it out, what is causing it? is it my brain rattling? how do i get rid of it?...

 Would a 10 minute dance/cardio workout a day be a good way to get back into exercise and see results?
Mainly I want to tone up more and continue losing which I have been mainly through healthy eating, but I definitely want to start working out again just for general health and losing/toning more. If I...

 I just can't burn that tiny bit of fat on the bottom of my stomach. How do I get rid of it!?
Hey! For so long now I have been trying to get six pack abs. I'm so close i just can't get rid of that skinny layer of fat over the bottom abs. I can see the top four but not the bottom two....

 How to lose weight on your thighs without gaining muscle?
How to lose weight on your thighs without gaining muscle?
Okay so im 143 5'6, im skinnny everywhere else but the top of my thighs ? Crazy I know ,How do I reduce them but not gaining muscle ...

 is drinking protein a shake before going to bed bad?
Ok so I always work out before going to sleep. Recently I decided to buy a protein shake so that I could get better results. I bought whey protein. I drink one in the morning and then I drink one at ...

 Weight Loss!!! lose 24lbs .... 2 dress sizes?
thanks for looking at my question.. I'm currently a size 14, and i want to be size 10 in 6 weeks, or lose 24 lbs..
I have recently joined the gym.. so i have access to most ...

 What's an appropriate source of protein for a vegetarian diet?
I'm considering changing to a vegetarian diet for health reasons, but I'm concerned about getting appropriate levels of protein. I'm also concerned about potential food items and ...

 weight loss tips that actually work?
im 14, about 5ft. 1in.- 2in. and about 125-130.
so basicly short and chubby. i was just looking for some tips or exersises that would help me slim down but keep my curvs
tips other than the ...

 If you're underweight should you try to gain fat?
Hi, if you're underweight (not anorexic or anything just skinny), should you try to gain a little bit more fat as well as muscle?...

 Counting Calories?
I've read on here many times that the machines at the gym are not accurate for counting burned calories. I was wondering how off they are (even an estimate)? I'm just wondering how I can ...

 wanna lose UP TO 40 lbs in 2 months. dont say it cant be done. just pla help me out. list diets or other ways.

 how to put on weight?
im nearly 16, female,
ive been naturally thin all
my life due to (im guessing)
a very high metabolism
i eat plenty, and healthily
and i get lots of excersise
but ...

 How can i lose belly fat fast?
I need to lose fat on my bottom two abs, the other four are perfect! How can i lose the fat fast and what tips and activities are useful to me ? thanks shills :) ...

 how much do I look like i weigh? (pic included)?
Based on my legs.
I'm wearing two pairs of tights and cycling shorts (short leggings, you can see the lace kind of poking out a bit on my thigh)
I'm 5ft4/5ft4

 is there a difference between CREATINE POWDER & CREATINE PILLS?

 If not eating anything lowers your metabolism, how do anorexic people get so skinny?

 How MUCH do you have to eat in the A.M. to get your metabolism going?
Actual meal?
Just coffee?
Would a single piece of shredded wheat do it?

I hate breakfast, am never hungry in the morning, but want to try this to lose some weight....

 Whats the difference between Nature's Best Isopure Protein and Cyto Sport Muscle Milk, and which is better?
Just trying to find out which is better....

 should i take whey protein before and after i workout?
i currently take whey in the morning and after i workout but i was wondering if it be a good idea to take it before i workout since i just got of my NOxplode cycle i was wondering whats good to take ...

 Whats the dumbest thing you've done to lose weight/stay skinny?
For example, I pretended to do horrible in school just so my mom would get me some ADHD meds. Those things make you want nothing to do with food....

Why is it that asian people eat so much white rice but are still skinny?

Eat rice with vegetables, and a lot of fish, that they brought from the grocery store. They eat in small portions. Americans tend to go to restaurants, eat the whole plate, get desert, go to wendy's and BK, etc. American women eat when they're happy and sad. Asian women don't do that..lol.

white rice isn;t bad for you

also, it's just genetics

unusual cow
I am asian and I do not eat much white rice at all. I am also nowhere near skinny. Asians are not "skinny" as a race of people.

In the asian culture, white rice makes up a large part of the meal with only maybe a few vegetables or a couple pieces of meat. It's not like they have rice, chicken, vegetables, bread, cheese, and other things.

Rice is low in fat and cholesterol, by the way.

They might not have a lot of fat on them, but they don't tend to have a lot of muscle neither. Therefore although they might look skinny their actual percentage of body fat is usually not that low. In fact in studies comparing asians and westerners of the same height/weight, the asians tended to have a higher percentage of body fat.

Because they aren't addicted to Mickey D's and other junk food places that have lots of preservatives in the food.

Caucasians and African Americans eat too much junk, too much processed food, and drink too many soft drinks.

You'll notice that people in countries that don't have Wally World and Taco Tico on every corner are more slender than the people in the more populated countries.

While there are those who are born with the chubby DNA, you are what you eat.

And right now I'm eating a bowl of steamed cauliflower.


It's not that Asian people eat white rice that keeps them lean. It's their overall diets. They consume lots of vegetables, fish and green tea. These plus rice are staples of their diets and helps to keep them lean.

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