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 what is the best way to lose weight"?

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 Does eating complex carbohydrates decrease high density lipoproteins?

 the best supplement?
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 if a 11 year old weighs 151.5 and trying to go through the month of may without eating no candy is that good?
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Why does weight stay off longer when you lose it slowly?
I have heard many people say this but what is the reason(s) behind this?

Rosie Young
Because you're making slower, long-term changes that you're more likely to stick with. If you do an elimination diet, when you either completely eliminate a food group or only eat one food group, it's unlikely that you'll stick with it for life, and when you go back to eating a varied diet you'll gain everything back and usually more.

Adina T
People who lose weight really fast are usually doing extreme dieting or using methods they can't keep up for the rest of their lives. When these methods become too much to continue or they get sick of the extreme diet, the quit and regain the weight they lost. On the other hand, people who are committed to a lifestyle of healthy choices (food and exercise) usually start off a little slower. They make changes in their habits, little by little so that they are sure they are going to be able to do it forever (or at least a very very long time). Those kind of people who are committed and work hard to learn NEW HABITS instead of just following a rigid diet usually develop skills that can last a long time. The people who just follow a rigid diet usually DO NOT develop healthy skills and when life gets stressful or changes and they can't follow their diet...they dont have the skills to deal with these changes and they go back to old habits.

Your body has a lifetime of a particular nutritional intake habit, and it doesn't like to give it up. So, your body fights weight loss. Doing it slowly tricks your body into thinking that nothing is happening. That is the smart way to do it. My personal advice: continue to eat the foods you enjoy, but slowly reduce the portion of each serving, and at the same time, slowly increase the amount of fresh fruits and vegetables you eat. Slowly increase the levels of whole grains and lean proteins as well. Good luck with your health goals and check in with Answers every now and then to let us know how you are doing.

Well, for one thing, if you lose it slowly it's probably because you've developed good habits, such as eating right and exercising regularly. As long as you keep those habits, the weight will stay off.

You know everthing needs the process and habit. I spent one year in losing 10kg. You know what I do. I seldom eat snacks. I go out for a walk almost everyday. Whatever happens,I keep calm. I have a good mood and eat regularly and enjoy myself. That is a process and habit.

all of the above and I think, because if it takes longer you aren't crash dieting...you are changing your behavior. If you just stop eating and lose 10 or 20 lbs, when you go back to eating, the weight comes back. If you change your routine and eating habits - you are more likely to maintain a healthy weight. ....so "they" say. :)

because you r alowing or body to adjust to the changes, and you are loosing it more healthier. loosing 10 lbs a week can make you really sick sometimes! god bless :-)

because it's healthier and doesnt harm your body as much.

Because if you lose a lot of weigh (say for example the first few weeks of a diet) its mainly water you're losing. Its when you keep going and you exercise with it that you actually lose fat. Aim for 1-2 pounds a week.

You are giving your body a chance to adjust to the changes that you are making. Therefore you system doesnt go into shock.

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