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Why can't I tell when I'm hungry or full? ?
about 2 years ago, I lost 10 pounds over less than a month by basically starving myself. by starving i mean I was so weak from not eating I could barely get out of bed.
It was dumb and didn't work---i gained the weight back plus more...

anyways, sometimes I think I can't tell when I'm hungry or full anymore. i basically have to remind myself to eat every 4-6 hours...also, if its something i really like, i cant seem to tell when im full.

Is it just psychological, because I would think by now anything harm i did to my metabolism would have healed naturally by now.

dont mean to be a drama queen, but it would nice to now. one in four women sadly has a eating disorder...and i think i did temporarily.

Your very fave!
Don't stress it. This is normal.

Eat when you're hungry. Don't eat when you're not.

The only time you have an eating disorder is when
you go out of your way to not eat when you are hungry.

And as far as the not being sure if your full when you like something -
you probably do know- you're just be a glut.
(And don't take offense - that is human nature).

If you're really that concerned about your eating habits, then
you could start an eating habit diary by jotting down what you ate
each day right before you brush your teeth or something.
After awhile - you'll see you're normal.

ok well let me try and help..

eat breakfast in the morning,because while you're sleeping,you're actually fasting,and although you dont realise it,you're hungry!

eat lunch at 12.00(without mid-morning snack) or later if you had a mid-morning snack.you're hungry when you step into the kitchen,and you're salivating at food!(lol)

have a snack at 4 or 5,a fruit would be good.

then have dinner at least 4 hours before you sleep,because dinners tend to be heavy,and you need time to digest it.

here's an example:
BREAKFAST-7.00 a.m.
1 slice whole grain bread+1/2 tbspn nutella+1 tbspn raisins
1/2 glass low-fat chocolate milk
LUNCH-12.00 p.m.
1/4 cup white rice+1 chicken(small) in curry+1/4 cup cooked carrots+1/2 potato in curry
DINNER-5.30 p.m.
1 slice whole grain bread+1/2 tbspn nutella+1/2 pear
1/2 glass low-fat chocolate milk

include all food groups in small portions,but put fruit and veges in more.

NOTE:im not much of a dinner person,so i tend to eat a heavier lunch,and have a light dinner.this is my diet,not yours.fit it with your own stats,(age,weight,physical activity level)and eat healthily!

In your hypothalmus there is a cluster of neurons in the ventromedial
nuclei known as the satiety center. It is usually stimulated when your blood glucose levels increase due to your sugar intake. And you have a high amount of amino acids in your body. and when it is stimulated it tells your body when you are full. In your case it seems as if your body lacks the proper receptors to trigger the the satiety center on and off. so it seems you have no control over your eating habits... so just keep eating away! untill u burst is that better??!?!??

tell doctor

this happens to me too but why now im wondering why ?

***Answer***me &^&++
because you stomach tell your brain

i think it might be psychological, you should speak to your doctor though

sam gahh
Count calories,

Its a pain but at least you will know when to stop

good luck


the samething happens to me sumthns but it stop maybe your not eating healthy or you need exercise if dat doesnt wrk than you should go to da doctor and check it out to c if its serious or not

cause ur body doesn't regulate to one thing....if you eat normally you will realize when your hungry or full. Don't be afraid to eat.

Indiana Jones
Not really sure about this one but you can find great advice at Web MD. Doctor's turn to Web MD for advice . I really think it will help your situation.

Farrah B
well, just eat the regular diet of someone your age. don't eat anything less than that and nothing more than that. that way you wont care if your full or hungery! i hoped this helped.

Alice C
excuse me but no offense but it was dumb of you to try to starve yourself in the first place my guess is that your body just got used too it.

dude i have to be reminded to eat too and i was also an anorexic but not really just kinda i would eat just one meal a day and maybe a light snack but you prob just hav a high metabilism if ur skinny but low if ur fat lol
your metabalism jus changed is all no big E

A Random Stranger You Meet
That always happens to me! It happens when I'm stressed or sleep-deprived. I guess it messes up with your body's hormones.

Buy fruit that give off a good aroma. It reminds me to eat since I smell it, and I want to eat, but sometimes I'll glance at the clock and realize that I need to eat.

some people have a dis order of not knowing when to stop eating.
some are worst then others. its just like gold fish. if u keep feeding them. they will keep on eating. until they are so full, and eventually die of over eating. some human have the same problem, thats why some human are so fat and they still keep on eating.
my gf does that, she keeps on eating, and tells me to eat as well. for me if i'm full. i'm full. i don't eat anymore. but she keeps on shuving more food to her mouth. i'm like shes already over weight .and still wants to eat more. so i decided to dump her.

Your body has a mind of its own. When you starve yourself then suddenly eat again, your body goes into shock. It does not know what to expect. That is why you gained all the weight back and more in less time because your body stored what you did eat and is still in the same mode. You need to have a normal eating schedule every four hours or so to start training your body to be hungry at certain times.

You may have a disconnect emotionally, psychologically and neurologically from your stomach hormones that tell your brain when you are full or hungry. the hormones, leptin and grehlin tell when you are full and when to eat... grehlin tells you to eat, I remember it, by when your stomach is "growling" to eat. You have to reconnect somehow, or maybe you have an underlying disorder with thyroid or a malabsorption/gallbladder symptoms... That's really hard on your body what happened to you, cause wt loss in that manner causes a ketoacidosis and you really, really need to be hydrated, which can be hard to do, cause you need energy to eat and lose weight. Sounds weird, huh? Get some labs done and see where your electrolytes are and it's just a personal battle that you have to manage even though others think they are helping, they really can't. I don't think it's psychological. Talk with an empathetic doctor. Don't think you are a drama queen. Sometimes, it's not an eating disorder, but a symptom of something else. Don't rule out medical so quickly. Not everything is psychological or emotional as some doctors want us to think. They are just lazy and you have to work to find a good one these days... someone did make a good comment, about smell, if that's messed up, it's hard to regulate your food intake. so, even an underlying sinus condition or allergy can fool you for awhile, till you catch on.... Good luck to you.

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