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What can I do? I don't like drinking water?
This has been a problem for me for sooo long. I've never liked drinking water that much, but I know that I used to anyways. I would drink water bottles and such when I was younger but now, at 14, the thought of even drinking water makes me gag. I honestly don't know why, maybe because of the fact that it doesn't have a taste.. or the texture or something.. I'm not sure. I've tried switching to flavoured water and it still doesn't appeal to me. Though, I like it a LOT more than water itself.. is flavoured water okay? Will it still clean out the toxins in my body and keep me healthy? Lately I've been worried about my acne and that I'm gaining weight.. I just think that me only drinking iced-tea and milk throughout the day is what's causing it. I don't think going to talk to a doctor about it would help at all.. I was in the hospital when I was younger already. Please help :S!

I hate drinking water too, I need taste. Scientists say we drink too much water. Just stay hydrated, try not to die. If you're sick drink a little more than average. Milk has been thought to cause acne.

try seltzer or sparkling water
the texture is different, and there is flavored seltzer too. i like it better than water and its still sugar free

Sapan D
go to a doctor and ask him

Drink milk

Jennifer C
Water is necessary to cleanse your body of toxins and hydrate you. If you are adding anything to it like drinking flavored water, you are taking away from the purity of water. I am not really sure of any other suggestions if you do not like water. You should try to get used to it again because it is necessary for a healthy body.

Cojo R
i don't see how that's possible but you can drink things like vitamin water and gatorade and dehydrates

Try drinking crystal light packets that you mix with water, they have a lot of flavor, no sugar, and only 10 calories per bottle of water. That's what I did, instead of drinking soda, and I lost a considerable amount of weight.

Mr. Goodkat
Milk is full of fat so it is not helping weight or acne issues. If you are drinking tea sweetened with sugar or syrup, that is also bad for you.

Those flavored drinks are full of sugar, and thus calories. They can make you fat rapidly. I drink only ice cold water, works for me. You can also try herbal teas, some flavor and not really bad for you either. And milk is fattening too, unless you choose skim.


Try drinking Crystal Light......there's a bunch of different flavors and there's no sugar in it so it's healthy...that way you still have the water intake with out the sugars and fats that are in Iced Tea and Milk...milk is good for you of course but to remain healthy....weight and skin care....you need to be hydrated with water.....I stopped eating sugar, stopped drinking soda (diet and regular cuz diet soda is still sh*t), and started drinking a ton of Crystal Light fruit punch (its the one i liked) and I lost 6 pounds the first week of my diet.

add water in to a different drink that you do like

Stephanie S
acne comes just in growing up but you probably need to drink more water or the toxins can build up inside of you
just try flavored water or water fountains cuz all water fountain water taste good

Drinking flavored water is fine.
You should try auqacal flavored water. I don't like flavored water really but I love auqacal. It tastes like juice.

i have the same problom try getting little packets of powder drink to put in your water bottles and also lots of milk i only like waqter if its ice ice cold :)

The cutie girl
Water is one of the sources of living. food is the next. Water is really important for ur body, because it is 99 percent of ur body made out of water! ( i dont know exactly how much percentage) I think u should drink water only when ur really thirsty or tired. Because milk or anything else will might make u even more thirsty. Try this out. Maybe it will help a little. :D

hope ive helped! :D

-Shawna (my real name)

Here's what I would do. While flavored water is better than no water, there is a slightly better alternative. If you go to the store you can buy both Power-Ade packs and Kool-Aid packs. You mix one pack into a water bottle. It tastes just like the drink, yet you know you are getting a full bottle of water. You can also buy powdered drinks like Lipton Lemon iced tea (my favorite) and mix that into a bottle of water. Good luck!

I honestly think you should really drink water but if it is really that bad to then then why dont you try Vitamin Water it has a taste and it is actually pretty healthy! DON'T drink the Nestle flavoured water because that is probably what is causing the acne!! Trust me I have been through it and consulted it to a doctor! drinking milk is actually pretty good but try to lay off from the iced tea I know it is a awesome drink! but it isn't good to have too much! so yea either Vitamin Water because it comes in flavour or the best of all JUST PLAIN WATER!! :)

Little Light
your body does need water, however much comes from other sources like food. if your tea doesn't have sugar in it, its not bad for you. flavored water often has sugar or sugar replacements that aren't really good for you. personally I've never liked milk and have always preferred water. see if you can find a book called your bodies many cries for water. you will see many of your symptoms are there.

No Chance Without Squirtle
Just force yourself to like it. Perhaps the water in your area just has a bad taste. Try one of those pitcher filters see if you like it.

One way you could force yourself to like it is to get rid of all non water beverages in your house, then whenever you get thirsty it's either water or nothing. You'll learn to appreciate water in no time. I didn't used to like it (although I was never seriously aversed to it) but then once I started drinking it it quickly became my favorite thing to drink.

You could also start exercising, exercise makes water taste awesome.

Also instead of buying the bottled flavored water junk, get a lemon slice it up into wedges and squeeze the lemon into the water.

buy a flavored water or one with added vitamins to it

lol how can u not like drinking water!!! everyone likes water!!!

You Can Add Flavor For you water, Or Pretend it is not water.

houh i
I didn't like water either when I was younger. Try drinking watered down tea or juice. As long as your not drinking something that's overly sweet like soda you should be fine. Stay away from high fructose corn syrup.

I think flavoured water should be just as good for you, especially if you use a regular bottle of water and add the flavouring by powder. I don't think what you're drinking is the cause of your health problems, but it may be. You could try natural detoxifiers from a healthfood store. (I reccommend Newton homeopathic drops). But I am sure you're still beautiful, so don't let yourself think otherwise!!!

If you want to be thin and healthy badly enough.. drink water......
When I first started I HATED water too but now I can't get enough of the stuff.... it'll grow on you.....

Water is the best because it has no sugar or fat or calories in it....

I don't like water either but I have found that I am not that fond of tea due to the caffiene. My wife drinks water with a bit of lemon which I found palatable,and I tried going without a drink for as long as I could tolerate the thirst . When I gave in the water wasn't so bad.

You probably don't like water because you were fed sugary sodas and chocolate momo since you were a teeny tot. Humans use 12 cups of water per DAY.

Force yourself to drink a big glass of water in the morning. This is not an option. You look and feel like a dry sponge when you wake up, because you're dehydrated.

Drink another glass before bed, also helps with the dehydration.

As for the in-between hours, just find a way to sneak water in anyway you can. Every time you walk passed a drinking fountain take a sip. When you're in the gas station get a little bottle of water along with whatever else you're getting. Keep cold bottles in your fridge for convenience.

It's really a shame that you don't enjoy the taste of water, it's a miracle liquid for us in so many ways. Hopefully over time you'll develop a good taste for it.

Your a little weird but I may have a solution. OK. I'm 14 years old and I weight 140 lbs. I am not a fan of sraight up water but I will drink it(would rather drink soda). Anyways, Get a bottle of water or cup and mix with crystal light (protein and only 30 calories) if you are watchin your weight. It tastes good and is good 4 you. Natural strwberry banana is my favorite its like a smoothie. Another one is chery pomegrante benefiber. Yummy and has 15 calories. Put in water like other. Great texture and not chuncky. Like friut punch flavor. Hope I helped. :)

Bottled water always tastes nasty. You should drink tap water more often. I've found that when it's colder (with ice) it tastes a lot better, too.

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