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free your inner blond!
Is it bad to use expired vitamins?
Specifically One A Day Complete Men's Health Vitamins never opened that expire in August 2007. today's date is August 05, 2007....will they kill me?

No they won't kill you! Vitamin wise, if they expire you just won't get full effect. But never opened, I would think would be really ok!

Margaret S
i would have to say yes ask a doc

No,they will be allright to use.

Lauren Ashley
No vitamins are FDA approved, meaning they are not standardized. All things must have an expiration date on them, even bottled water. If you are worried then I would say throw them away, if not then they are most likely fine to take. I feel that most vitamins are a mental thing anyway b/c they have not been tested for actual content of what it says it contains or not.

Normally drugs don't really expire until 6 months after their expiration date. So if they are within that dat they should be fine.

no they will not kill you, however they do lose their potency after the expiration date.

I highly doubt it would "kill" you, unless someone 'spiked' them or something, but that's not really possible unless the seal was broken when you got them.

That "expiration date" is more of a date when the vitamins will lose, or start to lose, their effectiveness. So, yes you could still take them, but they just won't do as well as when they were first packaged.

Well, I'd assume they'd be useless. I don't know if there would be any side effect but I doubt they'd help you any.

Oh no they won't kill you but if you're going to take them do it now before they really expire and loose their strength. It's not bad at all, they are probably actually good until March 08.

NO..they won't kill you.. Your fine if you took some.. After the expiration date they lose their validity and don't work. Alway, throw old stuff away because about 6 months to one year after the expiration date certain things can make you sick. One is nasal spray... If its old and expired it turns toxic

probably not but don't take them past this month

Absolutely not. In fact I used those same exact vitamins that expired in May this year. I think they expire too fast and that they are still good. I just bought the damn things in January!! No just go ahead and take them, you'll be fine.

No, and since they have not been opened should be fine for a while. Toss vitamins when they start to turn rancid tasting, or the tablet discolors.

Drugs are still as effective 3 to 6 months after the expiry date.

anything with expired dates should be disposed of.


they r fine

Of course not! There's no problem. These things have expiration dates but they don't go bad that easy.

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