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 I dont want to eat anymore?
My ocd hasnt allowed me to adapt to eat better and lose weight without the constant anxiety of counting calories and feeling I overeat... Weight is on my mind all day everyday... Its what I think ...

 Losing 3 kg's in 1 week?
what would I have to eat in 1 week to lose 3 kg's?? ...

 how to put on more muscle?
im 14, 5"2 and 86lbs, i have a very high body fat percentage, girl im a , and i need stuff i can do at home, eg, no dumbell, no treadmill...etc....

 please answer my question!?
im 14, 5"2 and i weight 86lbs, girl, im a size 2!!!, my beste is 5"1, 115lbs and yet shes only a size 0! and yet i have a high body fat percentage, why? can someone please get it for me ...

 can you be fat but underweight?
im 14, 5"2 and i weight 86lbs, girl, im a size 2!!!, my beste is 5"1, 115lbs and yet shes only a size 0! and yet i have a high body fat percentage, why? can someone please get it for me ...

 I want to lose 60-80 pounds by August.?
I'm 5'11 and (roughly) 260-265 lbs. I will only be able to workout 3 or 4 months out of the 6 month time frame I have, but since January first I've been trying to cut my caloric ...

 how to tone up your body?
i'm 5'10 and weigh about 190 pounds im not really fat but i want to tone up so my abs will show how do i do this i don't want to get really skinny and lose all my muscle i just ...

 Im 15 im very active and in good shape how long will it take to get a six pack?
im 15 i weigh 140 i exercise alot im around 5'6 i drink protein shakes and do crunches everyday how long would it take to get a six pack? i workout everyday and eat at least 1 300-500 calorie ...

 how is it dangerous to consume a little amount of food?
i started a diet 4 days ago. all i eat is a cheese croissant and a mocha latte at noon. and at 6 pm. i eat a side dish from panda express. no chow mein,noodles or rice. only a side order of chicken....

 How do I lose 40 pounds in 4 months?
I am visiting my boyfriend in June and I want to look good for him. He already says I'm beautiful but I'd feel better if I lost the weight so please help!!!...

 how can i get a 6 pack?
I'm 13 years old and about a year ago I started working out. I usually do it 1-3 times a week (would love to do it more) and really want a six pack +pecks. I've laready started to get some ...

 What is an intense workout routine to do in the house?
I want to loose 15 pounds but i don't have time to join a gym. do you have an intense workout to do at home?? tnxx!!!:)...

 Why do I still look fat?
Okay, so I lost like 15lbs and I'm now 120lbs-ish (I'm 5'9). But my belly is still fat!! You can see my hip bones, my ribs (especially from the back) and I went down from a size 9/10 ...

 Does an elliptical build muscle or maker you more toned and slim?
Would I just be better off walking on a treadmill if I wanted to be slimmer and toned? I really don't want bulky muscle. T...

 What is a good weight loss product? ?
I'm 19, 5'7 and about 180-185 I want to weigh 160 or less and ive been thinking about using something to help me lose weight. My problem is appetite. I was wondering if hydroxy cut or ...

 I'm a 14 year old girl, and im out of shape... I need help?
Ok, so im 14, skinny, and weight 103 (the right weight for my height) and im out of shape..... I can run very fast, but only to the point of 20 laps.... I used to only be able to run 10, im mostly on ...

ive lost muscle tone after losing weight after pregnancy, 85 pounds in 6months, what supplements can you take that you can buy in a store or get from the doctor that can build muscle tone i know ...

 How many calories are in my rice?
My rice says 1/3 uncooked has 140 calories. How many calories in 4 oz uncooked?...

 Is it possible for me to....?
lose the last 5-10lbs in 2months healthfully? I'm 5'2" and weight 111 lbs. If so how many calories should I eat per day to achieve my goal. I was thinking about 1400cals...do you think ...

 I just ate alot of food about 3 1/2 pounds whats going to happen?
I ate like 2 big macs and 6 taco bell ...

Is eating too much black pepper bad for you?
I love pepper. Can I suffer from health problems from eating too much pepper?

I love black pepper too. Now I've moved onto red pepper, crushed. But anyhow, my bf told me that a guy he knew had liver problems because he ate so much black pepper on everything. I mean everything. Eggs, toast, etc. So yeah, anything in excess is crazy/bad for you. It was one of my short term addictions, so it's the only reason I know :)

Joseph Naim
ya! eating of anything in excess is bad for health. eating of too much black pepper may create stomach problems. so be care for your health because health is wealth.

It's quite bad if you eat loads... :/ Wow never known someone love it though Lol :L x

Richard M
It may spice up your life. Me? It makes me sneeze. I doubt if it will hurt you. I've never heard anyone mention anything about pepper. Do you grind your own or just dump it out of the shaker?

it makes u gassy

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