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am i fat??
be honest..
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TIPS PLEASE!!!!!!!!...

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 How can i lose my stomach fat?
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Am I fat? Im not searching for compliments because I really do think i'm fat
How much weight do you think I need to loose?
I'm 17 5' 6'' and I weigh 125lbs


 If I run on the treadmill everyday for thirty minutes will I lose weight?
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Is a fish only diet healthy?
I am trying to lose a good amount of excess fat for my vacation and my sister's wedding, I have been working out and started eating a diet of fruits, veggies, whole grain and fish, but no chicken, pork or beef.... is that healthy?

sensei ronald j.f. panlilio
fish is very healthy, make sure you broil or grill the fish, dont fry it in oil, that would make it less healthy

fish is probably the healthiest of the meat group. I eat beef. But I dont eat much pork or chicken. I have just never been a big fan of chicken. I prefer fish and sushi when I can get it.

salmon, yellowtail, tuna, swordfish, halibut. tilapia, are all good choices

go to asian grocery stores, they have more selection of fresh fish

like ranch 99, or greenhills, or a place like santa monica seafood in santa monica or costa mesa

take care

jeff emack

a no carb diet makes you lose the most weight

i guess but fish has a lot of mercury...

Sure is. Why not chicken though? All white meat chicken is good for you.

i think it is because the meats that you listed provide protein and when you eat fish it has protein in it..


Yes. thats very healthy. by the way, nice job doing it the old fashion way- not with all those stupid weight lose medications and stuff. :p

sure is, just get some peanut butter in there sometim, but fich is a good source of protein (which comes from meat); also consider nuts and drink lots of milk
good luck
just keep it balanced

too much of anything is unhealthy. fish is a great diet food. However you might want to add a few more healthy foods to your diet.

Recovering NonAlcoholic Anti-JB)
it sounds very healthy lolz much healthier than my new diet


Pescatarianism is retarded in my mind... but if youre just cutting out other meats than you should be fine. Although its not really necessary... some fish still has a lot of fat. Make sure youre getting salmon though for the omega 3s.

you can get mercury poisoning from too much fish, but generally all diets are unhealthy. you should try counting carbs instead.

Hillary M
Technically yes. You get protein, vitamins, and minerals from these foods. Pork and beef tend to have alot of fat in them, however they obtain nutrients as well. So, yes if you eat whole grains, fish, veggies, and fruits, that will be a healthy diet.

agreed. fish and chicken are the meats of my choice. im not much of a beef guy. fish goes GREAT with sweet potatoes and yams. also, as far as a general diet goes, i supplement my diet with a whole-fruit puree. its really delicious and its healthy too! i have some links i can give u where u can get this stuff.... email me at barbosamt@yahoo.com and ill give u the site.

Joe D
um chicken breast is the best thing for u relli and fish u shouldnt eat everyday cuz some have mercury in them still and thats not good but u can have as much chicken as u want so id say its not healthy for u too much fish is bad plus it has fat in it like salmon and stuff its fatty its good fat but too much of that is bad..especially when tryin to lose weight

Chas B
GREAT FOOD for you...one of the most healthiest most enriched foods you can take but too much of anything is bad so eat fish and other healthy meals like meat(not fastfood home cooked) and stick to white meat and you be fine and loose the pounds promise i do it myself....hope that helps chas bailey

Dr. Duchin
Fish is extremely healthy, high in essential oils, protien and vitamins. The only thing I can really say is that you should not eat excessive tuna fish, this is because tuna contains Mercury, a chemical which, when eaten in excess, can hamper brain funtions and cause uncomfortable results. Salmon is probably the most healthy fish, it is the closest thing to meat nutritionally speaking, without all the excess fat! Good luck & I think I sense a revolutionary diet plan!

You can probably get away with it, but make sure you eat nuts, seeds and beans/legumes so that you are getting more complete sources of protein. The key is to cover the various amino acids the body needs. Just fish won't do it. You might consider a whey protein supplement as well. Chicken and eggs are good for, so is turkey. I'd really recommend maybe fish every other day and chicken or turkey the other 3-4 days.

I'd recommend you check out Ultrametabolism by Dr. Mark Hyman.

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