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 I'm 16, weigh 128 and I want to get hard abs/some what of a six pack. How and for how long?
I'm a girl and I already have a flat stomach with the exception of a little extra fat (flab I guess you could say). I need a way that will give me results quickly(I'm up for a month time ...

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 Losing weight and eating healthier.?
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 Does anyone else eat alot or is it just me?
Haha I'm just curious....I like eat a lot..I'll have like a barbeque sandwich and fries and green beans and sweet tea for dinner at like 6:30..then around 8 I'll have a piece of cake.....

 HELP!!! Lose 20-50 pounds?
Female; 17 years old; 206 pounds.

How many calories should I eat?
How long should I use the treadmill a day?
How many days a week?

How long will it take me to lose ...

 wat u can tell me about the mediterranean diet?

 How tall should a thirteen year old boy be?
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 Why would he do that in front of the girl with the eating disorder?

 Help? I'm feeling fat even if I'm not ?
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 Im skinny already but I want to lose weight, enough for people to notice a change.?
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 What should a 19 year old male eat to lose weight?
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 Swimming every other day for an hour?
How long do you think it will take me to get fit combined with eating right?

5'2, 111 lbs....

 How to lose weight fast?
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 What is a good waight for a 5 foot 2" 12 year old !?
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 whats the most weight you can loose in about 3 weeks?
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 Is my condition borderline anorexic?
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 Do you think I'll reach my weight goal by summer?
I am a 16 year old, and I'm a little over 5'8". I weigh 135 pounds. My weight goal is 120 by summer. I don't really care about the weight as much as I care about my hips. I feel ...

 Top inner thigh fat!?
Im skinny 120 5'2 i even have abs i do hardcore soccer and run every single day, but the top inside thighs are touching and they make my legs thick and they are really big, I run everyday and ...

 If I stop drinking soda how much weight will I loose?
I was drinking about 800 calories a day in soda. I started drinking just diet soda and water 2 days ago. I weigh 155 now. How much do you think I will loose all together and about how long do you ...

 Can you have bulimia even if you don't purge?
I have big self image issues, so i always try to stop eating, but then when no one's around I eat in extreme amounts, even when I'm already full. Like I can't control myself once i ...

Jim Morrison
Im 14 I weigh 239 pounds and I REALLY need to lose weight?
Hi Im 14 years old and I need to lose weight REALLY badly but not just for my health but I want to also lose weight quickly before I transfer to my new school but I cant eat the right foods I really need a list of healthy and tasty foods for Breakfast Lunch and Dinner that will be good for my diet because im really tired of Salads for my diet they literally make me sick ......

Dude, salads are good. I love food and I eat cinnamon rolls, chorizo, churros, tacos, pizza, candies, chocolate and everything.
What you need to do is just limit what you eat. If your mom makes taco, then only eat 2. Chew your food slower too, that seems to be a cause to being overweight. I eat fast, and I eat more. But when I eat slower, I eat less....and I'm still just as full.
For workouts I recommend just trying to do pushups, whether it be on your knees or not.
Try crunches. Go to youtube.com, type " 8 min abs", click the video of the people working out outside. Try to do that workout, it'll make a differance.

Lose weight man.

Okay :)
When i was 14 i was exactly like you. Heavy. and i know your pain.

everyone knows what healthy foods are.. so you have no problem there. :) just eat it all in moderation.

but i do have 4 rules you need to stick by that WILL help.
WARNING: This is NOT a diet plan.

Rule 1: No carbohydrates or sugar after 5pm. (so this means, no rice, pasta, potato etc. Sugar and carbs will store in your system as energy if not used during the day.. and it will turn to fat)
Rule 2: Exercise. (don't go all hard out, its the worst thing to do. you'll get tired fast and hate it even more, so maybe keep it to 15 mins every second day.. then after about 2 months make it 20 mins every second day.. and walk, dont run)
Rule 3: Drink LOTS of water. (even if you feel like you need to pee every 2 seconds..lol, dont drown yourself. Aim for about 12 glasses a day )
Rule 4: eat your favorite thing once a week. :) you wont feel like you're being killed. and you'll learn how to control consumption. (i eat chocolate 1ce a week :D)

Goodluck :)

Gunnar Macdonald
I can fully understand your frustration. I have been fightinng weight issues

all my life, nothing worked all that well for me... yes I would lose weight on

some, but as soon as I went off their program the weight instantly returned.

That is until I tried the Diet Solution Program, and I have been having great

success with it; maybe it will work for you too.

Well, good luck

Teenage Dreamer
Believe it or not, small changes to your life style can have you losing weight, extremely fast.
It's hard for people to start losing weight with the very will,
How realistic is that? And how do you think that would work out for any decent person?
Not too much, eh?
So usually people begin with making small changes, like getting a diet medium coke instead of a large regular coke, throwing away that candy bar in your lunch bag instead of eating it, getting off the bus one stop earlier than usual so you have more time to walk, things like that, realistic goals.
Over time the goals should get bigger, after you see progress.
Realistic goals that will not only help you, but make you more confident. :)
I wish you luck, my friend.
Stay confident. Stay happy.
Best of wishes.

Nyasia Caldwell
Hey my friend had the same problem but he was determinded and got the solution to his weight problem and are working of the extra belly fat. It worked for him in a short time. I am sure that you can achieve the same results. With dedication you can lose a lot of pounds easily.

Good Luck!

Alannah Chandler
Actually, you don't need to diet in fact to lose weight, I discovered this at the web portal in the box below, they have loads of instruction, I melted away 10 pounds by doing as they advised. Have a great day!

All opinions are meant for anyone that is 18 years of age or older. If you are a viewer searching for a answer and under the age of 18 please ask you parents for advice.

Lauryn Stevens
Almost every person struggles with his weight at some point in his life. In some cases, weight gain (or weight problems) can be the result of hormone issues and other health problems that keep a body from properly burning fat. Other times it is simply something that one person needs to work harder on.

If you have been trying to lose weight for a while you've probably already tried to find success with most of the fad diets that are currently popular. How much weight have you lost and kept off with these diets? Probably not any at all. The truth is that a fad diet is not going to help you to successfully lose weight and keep it off. Visit this site to discover weight loss secrets the fad diet creators don't want you to know!

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