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Rochelle W
If you can feel your hip bones, does that mean you need to put some weight on them (i'm a girl)?
I'm a girl and i store weight on my hips/buttocks. Now i've lost quite a lot of weight through diets since last year, and i can feel my hip bones a bit (they're size 8). Do i need to gain some weight? I'm 5 ft 3.5 or 4.
Please help, i want an honest opinion.

heyy im naturally skinny but its not like i try to be i just have a fast matablism && i run almost every day. I can see my hip bone but thats okay just stay healthy =]

no. im like you, a size 6-8 and i can feel the sides of my hip bones and a bit in the front. however, im still a good healthy sized person. when you get to the size 2's and stuff, thats when theres sometihn wrong. (:

I find it attractive and am pretty sure most guys do too.. You're healthy where you are.

not necessarily. honey, i'm a size 18 and i can feel my hipbones! on the healthy human body hipbones are palpable (you can feel them) and some builds you can see them, as long as you get the proper nutrition no problem. Congrats on the weight loss!

got chalk? ♥
nope. i can feel my hip bones but i am a totally normal weight. some ppls are wider than others so they show. others dont. as long as you feel healthy you will be fine!! :)

No; If you are worried consult a doctor. He/she can tell you if you are over/under weight

Hoped that helped

i yell...deal with it
well, i'm proud to say i've got some curves :) i'm about 5'1" and i store weight on my hips/buttocks too. my bones stick out still and that's perfectly okay. that doesn't necessarily mean you need to put on weight. i have a friend who is 5'4" and 155 lbs and her bones STILL stick out... :)

Mom 2 a boy & a girl on the way!
No, it's normal for some people!! No matter how small or large I get, I can always feel my hips, they always stick out a bit too.

Nope... My friends and I can all feel our hip bones but that doesn't mean there is something wrong or you need to put some weight on them! You r just fine....it just depends on how ur body is built...like im built tall and skinny lol

No dont worry im REALLY THIN an my ribs and hips stick out and im healthy according to my docter im just underweight... ur probably just really strong or somethin (like built) (i beg u for a best answer pwease!!!!)

Becky B
No I don't think it does. I am regularly fat (I am at a normal weight) ang I can feel my hip bones. as long as your not seeing any bones, your fine.

No, I think size 8 for 5'4 is just fine. Congrats on losing all that weight!

Aleene M
honestly you will have so many people say that you should gain weight but they are just jealous of you because you sound fine to me inless they are like popping out uncontrollably so dont worry there are some people who even naturally have hip bones that stick out no matter how big they get my friend had hip bones that popped out so bad that whenever she layed doen in her simsuit you could see her private area it just depends but if your a size 8 you sound fine to me so no worries


Anna L
it just depends on how yr built
your fine

i can feel my hips and i am 145 and 5'7".
it depends on your BMI. not if you can feel a part of your body

saw master
noit dosent

Mandy G
be glad your skinny

not necessarily

No. Stop worring so much about your weight. Every person even an overweight person can Feel their hip bones.

Nope you seem fine. Just don't get smaller than a size 8. Enjoy having some curves. :) http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AsygxRU81IieAKsy8bkL1EXsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20080613072401AASPyzh help plz

*enter random letters here*
Naw, your fine. if you can SEE your hip bones...you've got an issue.

seriously, i can feel my hips, cause i have NO weight on them, but that's because i store fat around my gut, not my hips or bum. I'm perfectly healthy, i just have bony hips. ; ]

Na, when you can see your ribs, you got issues

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