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If I burn 200-400 calories 5-6 days a week, approx how long should it take me to lose 50lbs?
pizzaman how can you know what I eat. I probably consume about 1000 calories a day. I do eat meat, but I eat plenty of veggies and fruit and have cut back on my carbs.

there are 3200 cals per pound of fat. so lower intake below basal needs increase exercise. I'm on weight watchers, I've lost 44 pounds in 5 months. I just now have added exercise to my routine. good luck!

That is a total 1000-2400 calorie burn per week. To lose one pound, you need to burn 3,500 calories, so with 1,00-2,400 calories burned per week, it should take up to a couple of years to take it off, if everything else stays the same. However, working out 5-6 days a week will change your body composition, and therefore change your metabolism. Exercise will increase your lean muscle, which burns more calories. Another side benefit for me is that working out makes me feel better, so I eat better. Because of this, your calorie burn could increase over the time you are exercising and you could create a deficit in your diet that would speed things along. Don't be discouraged about a slow weight loss, though. Studies have shown that a steady, if slower, weight loss is more likely to be permanent. That is likely because your lifestyle has changed, unlike with a crash diet where you return to poor eating/exercising habits after the pounds are lost, causing a body to gain weight again. Best of luck to you!

the missing variable is how many calories you are intaking a day. Also you will lose weight quicker in the beginning because you will lose water weight and you need to drink lots of water and put protein into your diet to stimulate the burn .... i would say 4 months just a guesstimate

Personal Trainer
Lets assume you are consuming enough calories to meet your bodys maintence level. SO if you burn an extra 400 calories a day x 5days = 2000 caloris a week. 1 lb=3500 calories 50lbs= 175,000 calories Goal date 87.5 weeks Not good Try a smarter approach The Gracious Diet

James C
There is no way to tell because every body is different. However, if you go vegan in the process, you'll lose tons of weight while maintaining vitamine efficiancy with a balance diet of fruits, vegees, and grains. Now go to it. Don't worry about weigt, worry about a healthy body.

Maggie Mae
It depends on how many calories you're taking in! Think about it! Someone could burn 200-400 calories but be taking in 4 thousand calories. Then 200-500 calories burnt won't do a darn thing to help lose weight!

let's see... you eat approx 3 lbs of fries a day and 20 lbs of meat a day so that = 3452 calories...so it should take you a good 80 years before you lose a pound

It depends on how much do you take in (as in calories per day). Try to limit you're calorie to at least 1000 cal per day and keep exercising. Good luck!

one pound of human fat is about 7000 calories.

Just Me
Like they said above, it depends on your calorie intake. And what those calories are from. Even if you are consuming only 1000 calories per day, but it's from McDonalds, it's going to take you a LONG time....

you have to burn more than calories. body fat(mass) is impotant too. but id say 4 to 6 weeks. without orverdoing yourself.

How many calories are you putting into your body?I'll bet it's a lot more then your buring off ,so a life time.

3,500 Calories / Pound. Net = Intake of calories per day minus the ones you burn

Impossible to tell without knowing your caloric intake.

First, you have to burn more calories than you consume. So, assuming that you are burning 200-400 calories per day MORE than you are consuming, it will take you about 1 week to lose 1 pound. So figure a year to lose 50 pounds at that rate.

3 months. . . I excercised every day (treadmill, weights, cardio) ate correct foods, water, tuna, chicken, salmon, cut down on carbs, no cake, no cookies, no candy, ate veggies etc. Took me 3 months to get from 225 to 187. . .

how many calories are you consuming per day?

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