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 help. i need to lose 20lbs in 1 month?
i need to know the best way to lose 20 pounds in one month im not over weight i would like to get a flat belly by spring break my actual goal is MARCH 1st.

my current weight is 150

 Is 85 bpm normal for a 16 years old b0y?

 How much does she look like she weighs?! Easy 10 points!!!?
Can you tell me how much raven Symoné looks like she weighs right here? Thanks....

 what are some fasst ways to loose weight in the stomach?
im not even overweight.. but i want to loose like an inch of weight on my tummy :) and in a week, so what can i do? plsssss help :)...

 Trying to lose 20 lbs. Please help!!!?
I am 5'8" and I weigh 157 lbs (about). I am a female and I take exercise classes eight times a week on top of some light jogging. The classes include cardio and strength training and last 1...

 How do I lose weight?
I am overweight and I have lost weight before by reducing caloric intake and excercise levels. Unfortantly I have gained weight I need a way to get started maintain will power to lose 40 lbs in about ...

 i'm going back on my diet Tuesday...is this a good meal plan?
Breakfast: Total (with skim milk) or waffles & one day in a week 2 eggs with toast
Lunch: A piece of bread or fruit
Dinner: whatever that is madee but _small portion_
Snack: 1 ...

 What are several examples of low carb food?
I asked cha cha what's the fastest way to burn fat and they said exercise and a low carb diet, but whenever I google low carb foods, this whole confusing thing comes up, so what are several good ...

 Will you still lose weight on weight watchers if you don't use all of your points?
I'm on weight watchers and I have 45 points I just started and it is kind if difficult to use up all of my points every single day. Plus I eat tons of fruit and vegetables so those are 0 points. ...

 I'm 5'3...maybe 5'4 and I weigh 100 lbs...am i too skinny?
i hav a small frame cuz i'm asian.....im not saying all asians do but the majority of them do....and im wonderin if im 5'3, mayb 5'4, and weighing 100 lbs....am i too skinny?...

 weirdest diet you've heard of?
I'm trying to lose weight and I wanted to know of the weirdest way to lose weight you've heard of.

For those of you people who will say "just eat right and exercise and you ...

 Want to start p90x im 12.?
i am 12 and have been going to my schools weight room for quite a while but im getting almost no results. i am always known as someone whos weak, but it has to change. i have money for p90x and ...

 i need to lose 15 pounds i a week?
This is serious... dont say its impossible or anything.... if it includes fasting, ill do.... just anything please!!!!!...

 Who needs a Pro ana email buddy?
I'm looking for a pro-ana buddy to email. I check my email everyday and I will push you if you push me back. reply with your email or something :)...

 Leg workout for a 13 year old?
i play basketball baseball(centerfield) and xc/track so i thought i should do ...

 How to let go of excess weight?
For a while I've struggled with the fluctuation of my weight. Years ago I weighed about 251 and within less than three months I loss 80 lbs. I will admit in the beginning I didn't handle ...

 Is this diet healthy?
Hi so i'm 13, i weigh 124 lbs, and im 5'5.

My doc told me to loose like 5-8 lbs so i can be in the middle of the healthy weight on my BMI instead of being "almost at risk of ...

 Trying to loose weight.. good school lunch ideas and workout routine?
I am overweight for my height and age. I am trying to loose a few and get in better shape.

I am going to begin by always bringing my lunch to school (used to eat out more than I would ...

 Im 14 and trying to lose a couple of pounds are there any pills or tablets that its safe to take for me at 14?
im still gunna excersize and eat well but are there any pills that you can take that are safe for a 14 year old.. preferably one you can buy in Manitoba THANKS...

 Can I lose this much by?? Please?
Ok im 4'7 14 year old girl
I weigh about 146, I want to get down to 90lbs by September or August 2011, or even July??
I will start dieting and exercising at the end of January 2011.<...

I want to lose weight and tone up my body. Best class to take?
I want to lose around 10 to 15 pounds, and tone up my abs, thighs, and arms. I heard pilates was a good class to take to do this, but I also heard that aerobics classes and zumba classes were highly effective, too. And I'm sure there are more classes out there that might be better.

So what's the best type of class to take?

Frank Smiley
Know what the problem with losing weight is? More often that not even after you actually begin to succeed, you find that you’re actually not really succeeding quite the way that you hoped you would be.

While certain parts of your body may certainly be slimming down, others will stay stubbornly flabby, and this can make your shape look even a little worse than you thought it was to begin with.

Mainly, the reason why this happens in the first place is because your body isn’t really programmed to lose weight uniformly. Instead, it loses weight in direct response to what you’re doing and which parts of your body you’re working most.

Due to that, if you’re doing something like walking or running, you’ll find that it’s your legs, and possibly arms that end up slimming down the most, whereas your belly area and even inner thighs will not slim down as much.

Naturally, the solution to this is simple: Total body exercises.

Some exercises out there are just better at encouraging uniform weight loss than others, mostly because they use a wide array of muscles throughout the body and thus help you to mold yourself into a more desirable shape.

Using a wide array of muscles also has the dual advantage of toning the muscles in those areas too, which means that whatever flab does remain is better supported by the lean muscle bulk that you’re going to be building up there too. End of the day, this is going to help you even more than the actual fat loss will.

Introduction to Eastern Philosophy.

Colton Ford
This website may have the answer.

Kieran Andrews
I have been looking into a program I found called Burn the fat feed the muscle, it's by Tom Venuto who was 7 times natural body building world champion.
It shows you not only how to lose weight, but to also how look more leaner.
The concept seems very interesting and the best part is, you don’t have to go out and buy lots of supplements or fat burning pills or even enrol into you local gym,
Its all about eating the right foods for your body, your metabolism and body is different to mine so what might work for me may not work for you, So this program will help you discover what is best for you, it not just a One Diet Fits All.

You can watch a video about how it works. (and its free)

All the best

copy and paste the link into your browser.

Art of Strength or HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) classes are excellent choices. They will help tone up your body while supercharging your metabolism to help shed unwanted weight.

Jamie Toelle
There are different types of Zumba classes, actually there are 6 different types. There's also a course you can buy called "lose weight by dancing" you should read about.

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