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I am walking 5 miles a day...Why am I not losing weight?????
I have been watching what I eat, for instance I consume about 1450 calories a day and I walk 5 miles a day seven times a week and I have actually gained weight......I am 5'7' and my starting weight was 180 and now it is 190 lbs....I also drink at least (5) 16.9 oz bottles of water a day and eat bananas before my workout.....What is going on????

Princess Purple
One thing your body does when you start drinking more water when you haven't been drinking it a lot is retaining it. I am also 5'7 and I used to be 160 pounds. I began working out a year and a half ago and I started drinking more water to help keep calories down. Seems logical, right? But I found that I was gaining. Don't worry. Your body just needs more time to adapt to this water. It doesn't know what to do with it so it is retaining the water. I lost 30 pounds...the water weight does come off.

However, 5 miles a day is not enough exercise for a 1450 calories diet. Jogging instead of walking (even a very slow jog) is more efficient. You can also jump rope, because that burns a lot of calories.

Depending on your body type you need to find exercise that maximises fat burning and not muscle building. Walking, drinking plenty of water and eating plenty of protein is healthy, good on you. The walking is probably building muscle, muscle weighs more than fat so if you notice your weight going up instead of down this probably means you're just getting buff! Try jump roping for half an hour a day or riding a bike. The more you vary your method of weight loss might very well burn more excess weight off.

That is not possible...I'm 113lb and 1450 kcal is about how much I eat every day... Maybe you drink juice or soda with a lot of calories...? or you are not calculating the calories right. Check the labels on the back of any packaged food...pay attention what "one serving" means..."one serving" is not the amount that makes you full...usually people eat more than one serving.

Don M
Get a basal metabolic rate test so you know how many calories you burn just by being alive. Then add to that the calories you burn in your workout (not sure, depends on how quickly you do those 5 miles). Then add up the calories in what you eat. If you are eating more than you burn, then you'll gain weight over the long run.

People normally gain / lose up to 5 pounds a week, in sort of a yo-yo fashion, just by virtue of digestive processes. Don't sweat that. But the extra 5 pounds (don't know how long it took you to gain that) is coming from somewhere.... 3000 calories more eaten per pound gained than you are counting SOMEwhere...

good luck. You will probably need to adjust your diet to 1200 calories or else exercise more vigorously. Get a heart rate monitor and if you're at 120 when you walk, walk or run faster until you are at 130. When you get used to that, push it up a bit to 135, and so on (your mileage may vary).

If the calories are healthy food (not Mcdonalds, nachos, cake etc.) then check with your doctor. If they're not, then start eating healthy! Look up a daily food pyriamid and adapt your diet. You may just be growing taller.

By walking a lot ur increasing ur body`s metabolism. tht is good thing but still i think its not burning ur 1450 calories. Bananas are known to be weight increaser. Ppl in gym who are on weight gain schedule eats lots of bananas. So first stop eating them immediately. Drink lime water instead. If you surely want to reduce weight eat less carbs - like rice, bread,pasta, potato,banana, vegis and eat more proteins like meat, eggs. Carbs make u put on weight , they convert into fat. Proteins and fats(cheese) don`t make fat.

So make sure tht ur 1450 calories consists mainly of protein and fats and u will see diff in just 2 weeks. Try it and gimme best answer pick !

Z. Tribal
You have most likely gone past the weight loss stage and gone to weight gain through muscle. I gained 50lbs in one summer eating one medium sized meal a day and ringing roughly a gallons of water a day while biking roughly 15 miles a day every day for three months.

it's because your body is used to this workout now and has stopped responding to it. you need to find something else to do. walk up hill. jog part of the walk and then slow down again. whatever you want to do, but it will have to change if you want to see results.

I had the same promblem. I was told that my body was building muscle and that muscle weighs more then fat. So the muscle is making the scale go up.

You have probably slowed your metabolism down...You need to be eating adequately and eating every 3 hours (fruits, veggies, lean meats) to keep your metabolism consistent. It also helps if you alternate activities--walk 5 miles Mon, Thur, Sat; Jog 1.5 miles Tues. Fri and take a break the other two days!!

You are gaining muscle that is the reason your weight is going up. Your fine.

I know how you feel, but don't worry.
I'm not sure how long you have been trying on it but I'm sure It'll work soon.

Don't push yourself on a stricter diet, it would be not good for your health and you would get stressful.

I am sure you are doing great on it. Just you need to continue it a litte while.

Keep going!!

all the walking is building muscle in your legs so thts the extra weight, but start walkin more for a improvement

My questions would be: What kind of food are you eating? That does matter. When did you start walking? What time of night are you eating? Eating late will almost certainly keep the pounds on. Do you eat breakfast? A 'yes' answer would be wonderful. Oatmeal is an excellent source of fiber, and it's great for your whole body. I would cut back on the banana thing. Do you like to run? Running would be better at toning your body, but you will need to get into weight lifting. That will build stronger bones. Prevention Magazine in a fantastic source for ALL of your health ?'s and answers. Good luck!

i was watching TV adn they said that there's this new diet excercise...its called teh Motionless Excercise...all u do is stand up straight for 7 minutes and if u do it for 14 days, you'll lose an inch off ur waist...dunno if its tru though..but try sqithching to being a veggie

your body has probably adapted itself to burn 1400 cal a day or so. Try changing your workouts every few days.

Without knowing whether you have also modified your caloric intake I will assume that you have. It is possible that you are building muscle underneath the fat tissue. At what speed are you walking? Sometimes it is the speed not the distance that counts... the faster you walk, the more calories you burn. You may need to eat more often smaller meals so that your body doesn't store the calories in your fat cells. Additionally, I would assume that you have check with your physician regarding any health issues, such as hypothyroid. If not maybe you should check in with them.

First, is your walk a leisurely stroll or are you busting out 36" to 40" strides trying to beat yesterday's time. If you don't know how long it takes to go 5 miles, time yourself and then try to beat that time tomorrow. And then beat it the day after that. Make your walk a personal best everyday. WORK IT!

Second, what type of foods are you eating? If you have just cut back on eating high glycemic foods you are really not doing any good. Go to www.glycemicindex.com to find foods that are low glycemic. The site will explain all the whats, whys and how comes.

Third, as far as gaining weight, remember that muscle weighs more that fat. Did you measure yourself before you started your workout, way back when. If you did you could find out if you have lost inches, which is important. However, I think it is your diet.

Fourth, don't eat before you walk. You are there to burn calories not aid in digestion. Besides eating before a workout does not aid in energy or caloric burn.

Lastly, keep in drinking. Stay hydrated.

Good Luck.

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