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How many cigarettes do you have to smoke a day to lose weight?
serious answers, please.

i'd like to smoke just enough to lose weight, but not damage my singing voice.

Cigarettes do not help you lose weight.

Once you start smoking it is a harder habit to quit than cocaine. And when you try to quit, you will gain weight.

Brooke H
i would advise against smoking to be honest.

but.. cigarettes curb your appetite.. so maybe before each meal, smoke one cigarette to help yourself not be hungry.

i really don't think you should smoke, it is very bad for your health.. and it can cause addiction which in turn could result in a very expensive journey to quit.

with the money you might end up spending on cigarettes.. you could go buy some vitamin B.. used for metabolism support, and it does the same thing if not better.

± 7up ±
umm.... you want to smoke a bunch to lose weight, but not hurt your singing voice??!@?!? WTH????
stick with exercising.

totally agree with first poster. get a new hobby. when you want to snack, chew gum or something.

None, do it the healthy way through diet and exercise. Any amount of cigarettes can damage your singing voice, yellow your teeth, make you smell, and blacken your lungs. Find a health club and come in frequently. Do lots of cardiovascular exercises. Do it with diet and exercise and you will feel a lot better about yourself. Lots of fruits, vegetables, water, and exercising.

the phantom
ok stupid question, so heres a stupid answer u need to smoke at least 5 packets a day everday for 12 months, omg!

None, who told you that? Don't ever smoke!!! You are putting your life and a animals life at stake! Don't EVER some!

Are you serious? I used to smoke and quit. I took up exercise instead! Also, try Power-Pops as it may help you to quit because it is something to eat very low calorie, low sugar, 0 fat plus will give you something that will take the place of putting a cigerette in your mouth. Much better for you than cigerettes. I quit and the only way was "cold turkey". You can read about Power-Pops.

If you have a good voice, spare it the abuse. You are playing literally with fire. It would take a lot of cigs and weeks to see the same results that you would with a couple days of cardio (dancing, running, swimming,...). Eat healthy and love yourself more than you do right now. I've heard from many energy workers that cigs burn what seem to be black holes in your aura. Darker entities use these portals to occupy your energy fields and they also just create leaks of energy. If you want to filter light and create rainbows, do whats best for not just you but for the good of many. Try going vegetarian, vegan, or raw foodist for a couple of weeks. Have fun with it and you will not only be slimmer, but happier.

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dont start smoking because if you staryt andlose weight,if you stop you will gain weighteven faster

penguingymnist [RA]
smoking doesnt cause you to loose weight. but it will damage your lungs.

and you can't smoke "just enough" when you get addicted, which you will if you smoke.

there are plenty of other ways to loose weight without damaging your lungs. like exercising and eating right. DONT SMOKE

No offence, but instead of smoking then maybe you should get off your back side and do some exercise!! Most people exercise to lose weight and add time to there lives but by smoking your not achieving what you want and your losing time of your life! don't be an idiot!

This is a horriable way to try and lose weight. Cigarettes are not a substance used to curb ur appittite. Many celebrites smoke instead of eat, I think its a form of an eating disorder. If you want to lose weight eat healthy and work out. You do not have to go to a gym, look up exercise videos on you tube, and there are plenty that you can do w/o any equipment. Cardo burns fat! Good luck!

Smoking won't cause you to lose weight but it cab cause you to damage your voice.

Joshua H
I don't think anyone's ever calibrated! But seriously, the number of cigarettes you smoke a day is not something you can count on controlling. Most people find it way too addictive for that. And I'm not sure you can smoke any without damaging your voice.

You cant have it both ways. Go exercise. This is a really dumb idea.

Justice And Lulz
Well, tough, because any smoking will ruin your voice. I don't mean effect, RUIN.
And then there's the cancer, that's not grand, or so I hear.
Smoking don't work that way, sweetheart. "just enough" quickly becomes "not enough" until you're addicted and dying.

Exercise more.

excercise on a regular basis such as running sit ups ect...
smoking only kills people... it gets them nowhere in life to be honest
especially if u wanna be a singer.. all it will get you is throat or lung cancer..

cmon.... im 15 and i know this.. lol

None. Smoking doesn't help you lose weight, it just distracts your hands and makes you less likely to snack. Take up a hobby like knitting instead, it's cheaper and less likely to give you cancer and kill you.

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