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 Anyone knows any amazing crash diets that I can follow to shed those pounds?

april s
How do I tone and firm my upper body.?

I suggest doing a cardio work out for at least 30 minutes. Then do weight lifting of your biceps, triceps, pecs, upper back and lower back, abs, and obliques in reps of 15-20 with three sets each. I suggest a lighter wieght with more reps than a higher weight with less reps. I found it caused me to bulk up and not trim down. Also, do it every other day to prevent strain on your muscles. They need time to rest. Hope this helps.


Push ups, biceps and triceps... Daily routine, try not to exaggerate, because this are painful and you may quit soon...

need to see ur pic to answer that question.

Pushups, tricep dips, and military presses

Susan D
do push ups

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